Dropshipping is an arrangement where you partner with a supplier to source products, and display them to customers, on your own eCommerce website. Product deliveries are fulfilled by the dropshipping supplier. Therefore, you do not have to stock inventory.

If executed properly, it can be a lucrative form of business. However, it relies greatly upon a trustworthy network of dropshipping suppliers, finding which can sometimes be a hassle. There are a plethora of dropshipping suppliers out there, yet finding the right ones for your niche and making sure they are legit, can be a daunting task.

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Where to Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers?

In this guide, we will help you locate the best dropshipping suppliers online, despite the challenges involved. Listed below are several resources, whichever you wish to use, our useful tips will make it easier for you.

Get in Contact with the Manufacturers

It’s better to start at the source and connect with the manufacturer of your desired products. This basically ensures that you only deal with the most authentic suppliers. They could be your best choice if their name is repeated multiple times. However, sometimes it is not possible to get in direct contact with the manufacturers. In that case, you can resort to other resources.

Product Research Tools

Dropshippers use multiple product research tools to spot trending products. These not only allow you to browse through a list of best products but also a list of vetted suppliers, making the job easy for you.

Trade Fairs

Trade fairs offer an opportunity to network with industry professionals. Although pricey at times, tickets to such events are well worth the money as you can meet the manufacturers/suppliers in person and assess the products yourself. Visiting trade fairs presents you with an excellent opportunity to meet potential dropshipping suppliers, make contacts, and even save them for the future.

Thorough Google Search

You can also find dropshipping suppliers through Google search. Building a professional website isn’t a drop shippers forte so you might not be able to find their listings on Google using limited keywords. Search for different keywords like ‘dropshipping agent’ etc., and look through multiple results beyond the first page.

Also, never judge a dropshipping supplier by the way his website looks, even good ones have yet to learn marketing!

Your Competitors

Your competitors also use other dropshipping suppliers for their order fulfillment process. You can simply order products from them and trace the sender’s address to locate their supplier and get access to them. This way you can compare different suppliers and shortlist the ones that work best for you.

Dropshipping Supplier Websites

There are numerous drop shipping supplier websites that can list suppliers based on your specified niche. Some of these charge an access fee, while others are free. In either case, dropshipping suppliers on these websites are scanned before being listed, making the process of finding them easier for you. One such website is AliExpress.

There are other dropshipping supplier websites that offer multiple services including product sourcing, order fulfillment, and Amazon FBA Prep.
Fulfillbot dropshipping supplier is an AliExpress alternative that provides similar services and fulfills your orders for you.

What to Look for in a Dropshipping Supplier?

Now that you have multiple resources to find dropshipping suppliers for your business, you must also know what features to look for in an ‘ideal’ dropshipping supplier. Here is a list to help you out.

Product Sourcing

Your ideal dropshipping suppliers should assist you in finding the best product and getting it for you. They would always be on the lookout for more trending products that can benefit your dropshipping business.


The ideal dropshipping suppliers should offer high-quality products at an affordable price. They will go above and beyond to make sure that they buy from the best. This includes getting the best quality at the cheapest rate possible.

Inventory Management

The basic idea of dropshipping business is for you to sell without having to manage an inventory. But some dropshipping suppliers only send the supplies and do not take up the responsibility of managing your inventory. This kind of arrangement makes things complicated. Therefore, it is best that you find a dropshipping supplier that manages your inventory and keeps track of it, preferably through their intuitive online portal.

Customized Packaging

Normally, products have standard packaging. However, upon request, some dropshipping suppliers can customize your packaging by adding a logo, some text, or anything that you want. This enables you to brand your products. If your dropshipping suppliers are offering this service, they definitely deserve some extra points!

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Communication and Customer Service

It is important that your dropshipping suppliers are available for a chat throughout the day so that it is easy for you to reach out to them in case of any problem or query. Having a responsive team that gets back to you in minutes is what you should be looking for. They should be responsible enough to make sure that both you and your customers are satisfied with their service.

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Having said that, finding the right dropshipping suppliers is as important for your business as finding the right product. It will not be wrong to say that the fate of your dropshipping business depends largely upon your ability to get hold of the best dropshipping suppliers in the market. Therefore, it is important that you employ only the best of the best to do the job.
Fulfillbot is a leading dropshipping supplier website that provides a wide range of services. These include PL dropshipping, product sourcing, order fulfillment, Amazon FBA prep, warehousing and logistics and whatnot. They offer fast shipping for your orders, and have an online portal to track your inventory. Moreover, they also offer discounted prices for all major carriers.

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