Taking cannabidiol (CBD) edibles is one of the best consumption methods for taking cannabis and feeling all its effects without the actual smoke.  There are several benefits of taking CBD edibles, and health care practitioners recommend them in higher doses. From this vast array of CBD products, Buy CBD gummies are some of the options out there. They are discreet, portable, and delicious. However, many CBD users and non-users do not know how long CBD gummies last. So, how long do CBD gummies last?

How Long Do CBD Gummies Last?

CBD affects people in different ways, one of which is the duration of effect. So, the question remains, how long do CBD gummies last? Well, you should feel the impact of your gummies for about four to ten hours. However, this depends on the individual. So many factors determine how long CBD gummies will affect you. Some of these several factors include:

  • Amount of CBD taken
  • Type of CBD taken (Full-spectrum CBD, CBD isolate, or Broad-spectrum CBD)
  • Metabolism (Body composition)
  • Quality of CBD products
  • Body weight
  • Tolerance level
  • Age

Cannabis is a potent substance that has varying effects based on consumption. For example, smoking weed can last between one to three hours. Here is a list of cannabis products and how long the high lasts for each. These are recommendations that any health care professional would give you.

  • Smoking – One to three hours.
  • Vaping – One to two hours.
  • Dabbing – One to four hours.
  • Edibles – Two to ten hours.
  • CBD Tinctures – Four to eight hours.

This knowledge prepares you to get the best experience of using cannabis products. If you want to stay home all day and feel the effects of CBD, the best option would be to consume CBD gummies. However, if you need something short-term, you can opt to vape CBD or CBD tincture.

How Long Does It Take A CBD Gummy to Kick In?

Most times, CBD gummies should kick in after about 30 minutes of ingestion. However, this duration varies based on factors such as consumption method and the quality of CBD products. Here are some factors determining how long your CBD edible takes to start working.

With or Without Food

Taking CBD gummies on an empty stomach makes them kick in faster. However, it will take longer for the product to reach your bloodstream if you choose to have a meal before consuming CBD gummies. Hence, CBD gummies work faster when you take them without food.

Quality of CBD Edible Taken

Numerous companies currently produce CBD gummies, and these gummies have varying potencies. Therefore, the quality of CBD oil gummies matters as well. A reputable brand would create high-quality gummies that have fast-acting effects. On the other hand, less reputable brands produce CBD gummies that have low quality and take longer to work. This is why we recommend you buy your gummies from brands like Exhale Wellness. The company produces some of the best CBD gummies on the market, and you do not have to worry about how long their gummies last or how quickly they take effect.

Body Chemistry

This is probably the most important factor in determining how long it takes CBD gummies to start working. Our digestive tract works differently, and your body might metabolize CBD faster or slower than others. Essentially, your body processes CBD differently than other people. Therefore, your body system and even your body weight determine what it takes before CBD gummies affect you.

Duration Before Different Cannabis Products Take Effect

When taking CBD products, it is essential to know how long each product takes. This is because you might take a product expecting it to take effect sooner than it is supposed to. So, when you notice that the CBD product has not taken effect, you ingest more and end up overdosing, which could cause unpleasant side effects like dizziness, dry mouth, and red eyes. Remember that these side effects are mild and may not last long. Regardless, it would help if you took note of the onset of influence for each consumption method. Here are the onset times of different methods of ingestion.

  • Smoking – Two to ten minutes
  • Vaping – 2 to 15 minutes
  • Edibles – 30 minutes to 4 hours
  • Dabbing – Less than one minutes
  • Tinctures – Ten minutes to one hour

To get the most of every session, regardless of the CBD product, we suggest you wait for the recommended period to elapse before you ingest more.

What Factors Affect How Long CBD Edibles Last?

The times mentioned above are general suggestions. However, few factors can elongate or shorten the duration of a CBD gummy high. Here are some of these factors.

Dosage and CBD Oil Concentration

How much CBD edibles you take is vital to figuring out how long its effects will last. When you think of dosage, you are thinking about the amount of CBD in your product, not the quantity of product ingested. For example, if two people take the same volume of CBD gummies, but their concentration varies, the person who took the gummies with a higher concentration will feel its effect for extended periods. Essentially, the higher the dose of CBD gummies, the more intense and prolonged the effects will be. Therefore, it is essential that you know the amount of CBD gummies you are taking and determine how long the CBD edibles, such as CBD oils, will last.

Body Weight

Your body weight plays a huge factor in determining the length of CBD effects in your body. The intensity and length of CBD gummies are determined by its concentration in your body. Thus, your system’s concentration might be higher if your weight is on the lower end of the scale. Therefore, you will feel the effect more powerfully and for longer. On the other hand, if you weigh more, the CBD concentration will be lower. Consequently, you will feel the impact less and for a shorter period. That said, this is not always the case because some people are more sensitive to CBD gummies than others. So, regardless of the concentration, they will most likely feel the full effects of CBD gummies intensely. Thus, it is important that you start taking a lower dose of CBD gummies and slowly increase your intake as you become more experienced and build a tolerance. This rule also applies to experienced users trying a product for the first time.


Your liver is the major part of your body that metabolizes CBD oil gummies, significantly affecting how quickly your body removes cannabinoids from its system. If your metabolism is slow, it may take longer for CBD to leave your system, and hence, you will feel its effect longer. Besides the speed of your system, eating food also affects the length of the impact. When you take the product with a full stomach, your body will store CBD and metabolize the food before getting to the CBD absorption. Hence, its effects will last longer because CBD stays in your system longer. However, taking CBD gummies on an empty stomach allows your body to metabolize the CBD immediately, leading to quicker and shorter CBD effects.

Can You End the Effects of CBD Gummies Early?

Did you take CBD gummies at the wrong time and want to end its effect sooner than expected? Or maybe you took too much and now want to reduce the side effects. Unfortunately, there is little you can do besides waiting it out. However, you can try eating lemon peel or drinking tea made from lemon. Some people swear by this method and say it works perfectly. Alternatively, it would help if you also tried inhaling terpenes called caryophyllene and pinene. You can mostly find them in black peppers. You can read more about this on Island Now.

Final Thoughts

Unlike THC, CBD gummies do not get you high. However, it does have other effects. Therefore, it makes it the perfect option for those who need all the benefits of the cannabis plant (such as treating health conditions) without the active ingredients that cause you to get high. Similar to other cannabis products, CBD gummies work in various ways for different people. Thus, it is important that you know how long products like CBD gummies will last in your system and how quickly they take effect. Remember that product quality plays a huge role in determining your experience with CBD gummies, which is why we recommend Exhale’s CBD gummies. Hopefully, this article answers the question, ‘how long do CBD gummies last?” and any other questions you might have regarding CBD oil gummies.