Article Aug20 copy 1 Vuuzle Media Corp Limited has a team of experts on this project who has prepared all the necessary procedures for the authorities for our crypto business and is taking real steps to be represented in the world’s best cryptocurrencies! Vuuzle Media Corp Limited is the first company in the history of OTT to release its token called VUCO Coin. The company is also launching a new platform for cryptocurrency trading called Cryptocaptrades, which pioneered a platform that will allow you to store, send, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Capture 7 The Cryptocaptrades app will be available on Google Play and the App Store. In parallel, the Vuuzle Team works with a team of experts who help the crypto business go through all the necessary steps and procedures to obtain a Cryptocurrency License.

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Vuuzle Media Corp Limited chooses STO (Security Token Offerings) as a form of investing in blockchain projects. Security tokens are subject to federal securities regulations and take effect on the first day of the WTO. According to Vuuzle Media Corp Limited founder Ronnie Flynn, STOs are launched with regulatory management in mind. They are registered in the necessary state bodies, meet all the requirements of the law, and are 100% LEGAL. In fact, investors acquire underlying assets that derive their value from something else. 100% regulated offers that ensure the safety of investors. Projects intended for STOs are usually more mature and trustworthy. Vuuzle Media Corp Limited went through all these processes to ensure the legality of this next big project. Of course, as all business owners encounter, there would be times that people around you get jealous of the company’s success, hence a lot of made-up stories appear out of nowhere. This was personally encountered by Vuuzle Media Corp Limited in the middle of its growth. You may take a look at the following articles to have an idea of the TRUTH:

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We know that you value your hard-earned investments and Vuuzle Media Corp guarantees you the security and world-class service you and your assets deserve. The company maintains its lines open for any further inquiries regarding the issue. To know more of this, and to relieve your doubts, you may contact the company’s founder, Ronnie Flynn, on his personal WhatsApp at: +971547775401

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Who helps Vuuzle Team get a Cryptocurrency License in Estonia?

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited is currently working with Company in Estonia OÜ to obtain a Cryptocurrency License. This Estonian company provides ongoing support to entrepreneurs in accordance with the latest updates of Estonian legislation. After all, as you know, from March 10, 2020, you can apply for a single cryptocurrency license to provide appropriate services for the storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies. The National Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU, or Rahapesu Andmebüroo, RAB) is a local government agency responsible for issuing crypto licenses in Estonia. After all, for activities in the field of crypto services, according to the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, a license is required, which is called the only license for cryptocurrency. IronX Article 20 Facebook

Why does Vuuzle Media Corp Limited choose the Cryptocurrency License in Estonia?

Estonia provides a favorable environment for business. Almost all aspects of the creation and management of an Estonian company are carried out entirely on the Internet from anywhere in the world thanks to the e-Residency program. According to the latest data, it has become clear that Estonian e-residents from all over the world generate more than 1 billion euros of economic activity through their Estonian companies. Copy of K KnowY YourC Customer 14 It is worth noting that Estonia’s IT jurisdiction is considered the most advantageous in terms of facilitating the conditions for obtaining a license to exchange cryptocurrencies for beginners in the field of blockchain technology. In other words, the cryptocurrency license is official permission to conduct a regulated cryptocurrency business. Several new cryptocurrency and trading platforms are created every week, and many of them have been licensed in Estonia, as the local order provides for a faster process in obtaining cryptocurrency license than in the jurisdictions of other countries. A team of experts from the Company in Estonia OÜ assisted throughout the project, created by Vuuzle Media Corp Limited. This team of experts went through all the necessary procedures during the preparation of documents and obtaining legal permission from the authorities to launch the company’s crypto business, and anything needing for the licensing process.

Benefits of obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Estonia

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited understands all the benefits of obtaining a crypto license in Estonia. First of all, an Estonian crypto company can benefit from fair and accurate regulations. The Estonian Money Laundering Act and the relevant provisions establish rules that give the licensed company an understanding of how to act within the law. In addition, there is no corporate tax in Estonia. Instead, only distributed profits are usually subject to a 20% corporate income tax of 20/80 on the distribution of net profits. In other words, under the Estonian tax scheme, the company will benefit from the opportunity to reinvest its profits without taxation. The single license for cryptocurrency in Estonia allows you to provide cryptocurrency wallet services for both cold (offline wallets – for example, hardware wallets, paper wallets for cryptocurrency) and hot (online wallets) storage. Cryptocurrency wallets are digital offline and online tools based on public-key cryptography that are used to securely send and receive cryptocurrencies over the network. Article Aug20 copy

There are two types of wallets:


Cold wallets are considered the more secure cryptocurrency storage solution as they are not connected to the internet. You only connect your cold wallet to the internet when you want to make a transaction. Hardware wallets and paper wallets are both cold wallet options. However, hardware wallets are more popular as they are easier to use and come with customer support provided by the manufacturer. Hardware wallets use a physical medium — typically in the shape of a USB stick — to store the wallet’s private keys, making them de facto unreachable to hackers or other malicious parties.


Hot wallets are the most common kind of crypto wallets because they are user-friendly. When you create an account on an exchange, download a mobile wallet, or download a desktop wallet on your laptop, you are unconsciously creating a hot wallet. Hot wallets are meant for everyday cryptocurrency users. If you regularly trade crypto on an exchange or spend crypto to make everyday purchases, you want to store your digital currency in a hot wallet. As hot wallets are connected to the internet, you can seamlessly make crypto transactions with the clicks of a few buttons on your phone or computer. Exchange wallets are typically hot wallets.

Exchanging a virtual currency for a virtual or FIAT currency

Through obtaining an Estonian cryptocurrency license, Vuuzle Media Corp Limited can now provide crypto/FIAT exchange services on a par with the market leaders: Screen Shot 2021 08 20 at 4.18.03 PM

Completing the process

There are several steps that Vuuzle Media Corp Limited has to comply with before obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Estonia. This of course became possible through the help of the company’s team of experts. From filing to completing up the requirements, everything has been meticulously done and endured for this amazing project to push through. Here is a short video that will give you an idea of the process Vuuzle Media Corp Limited has gone through to obtain a cryptocurrency license in Estonia:

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Everything is up and ready, so hold on a bit more as we wait for the FinTech License to power up your trading experience!

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