Mobile Casinos are currently revolutionising the whole of the gambling industry. Providing instant access to games from anywhere with reliable phone coverage, it is now possible to play from the convenience of virtually any mobile device. Playing in a Mobile Casino now offers the same enjoyable experience as a traditional online casino, with optimised graphics and gameplay. They also offer many of the same casino services, a welcome bonus on registration, numerous promotions and free play. Most mobile sites are powered by the top software developers in the market, so players will always find the very latest games and technological developments.

The only difference between using a mobile device or an online casino is the size of the display screen. Mobile Casino technology offers the same exciting games and quality features, but with more flexibility for the player. Some online casinos have developed additional mobile versions of their games, but new casinos are emerging that are specifically offering only the mobile gaming options. These sites offer access to Android, BlackBerry and iPhone users, who can access their accounts by installing an App. Alternatively, they can play directly on the casino’s website without downloading any software. Each casino will work differently based on the type of device that is being used.

Reasons to Play Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casinos online are the future of flexible gambling and are becoming more accessible and advanced.With today’s busy lifestyle, 

playing on the move is a requirement of most gamers. Nowadays, mobile phones provide so much more than just a communication medium, and now they can be used for gaming too. Mobile Casino sites are cleverly designed to work in a similar way to regular Apps. They can be accessed at any time and can be added to any mobile device’s home screen for convenience if required. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and the latest touchscreen technology, everyone can enjoy the authentic casino experience when they choose.

Top Mobile Casino sites are regulated and licensed like any other casino and provide players with both privacy and protection. They are capable of processing all transactions via mobile devices and should guarantee the security and confidentiality of player information. Reputable Mobile Casinos use the latest encryption techniques and software security to protect banking and personal details. They offer a secure and safe way for players on the move to access their favourite video slots and games. Mobile casinos give gamers an entirely different experience with technology specifically designed and optimised for the small screen. It is usually fast and easy to sign up, and you are ready to play.

Developers of Mobile Casinos

The annual online gambling market is expected to reach more than £23.8 billion in gross winnings. Mobile gaming will produce almost a third of this figure, showing how much it is developing and increasing in popularity. One of the main reasons for this is the commitment of the game developers to improve and enhance the mobile gaming experience for players. Leading software providers invest millions every year in improving their products and developing new technologies. The result is that there are now thousands of high-quality games that are mobile compatible and have an optimised, user-friendly interface. Developers now market themselves to the Mobile Casino and not the player, in essence, becoming the middle man. Playtech, Sheriff, Nextgen, NetEnt, BetSoft and Microgaming are the biggest names around in technology developments and investment. With this in mind, we can expect constant growth with exciting innovations and enhanced gaming experiences for the future of the Mobile Casino.

Casino on iPhone and iPad

The Apple iPhone and iPad have continued to maintain a massive stronghold in the mobile market. The iOS system is extremely convenient for mobile gaming because its multi-touch interface allows for direct manipulation. It also runs very smoothly and receives regular updates, often installed automatically. Its popularity has meant that it has remained a focus in the Mobile Casino market.

Casino technology online has therefore ensured that games play and look amazing on the iOS platform. It is for this reason that there are numerous dedicated iPhone casinos available online. The choice for iPhone users is extensive, with numerous tempting sites to choose from. Most general mobile casinos also always ensure their site is optimised for iPhone because it is also easy to provide the user with a seamless and visually rewarding mobile gambling experience. There are also a massive number of games that are now optimised for iPhone. If you are searching for a Mobile Casino for iPhone, then you will not have to look far.

iPad’s were originally designed to offer a great desktop experience in a smaller, more easily portable device. One of the best ways to enjoy video slots and games is by playing them on an iPad. Any Mobile Casino will cater for iPads or are iPad friendly. However, you may have to search for the best options regarding individual game availability and compatibility. Many cater more for the iPhone and games may not be as easy to use or optimised well for the larger screen. Also, many iPad casino games and slots are currently only available for version 2 and upwards of the device.

Download Casino iPhone and iPad

Nearly all the iPhone gambling Apps available will work with all versions of iPhone, iPod Touch devices, iPads and even the new Apple Watch. If there is an Apple App available at the Mobile Casino, you will find a link on the homepage for the download. Alternatively, if you want a particular App, you can search the Apple Store.

Any casino App you choose needs to be iOS compatible. There are many to choose from, so there are some things to take into consideration. The functional requirements are important and how it looks visually on your screen. Good programming is essential and should ensure that the casino is optimised to fit your screen size. The navigation also needs to be clear and easy as you are playing on a small screen. If you want to use money when playing, then also check that the App allows for real money gambling. Many Mobile Casino Apps also offer a practice mode so that you can have some free fun sometimes too.

Choosing the right casino App for your gaming requirements is equally important. If you have a favourite gambling brand from online play, then check them out first. However, there are so many options available for iOS it is worth looking around and reading the available online reviews. Many Mobile Casino Apps also come with some generous welcome bonuses to entice you. Downloading and signing up are usually free, so there is no risk involved, and you can try as many as you want. Just click to download or go to the appropriate casino URL, explore the App, and get a feel for it before you make your final choice.

Casino on Android

Android was acquired by Google Inc. way back in 2005. The improvements and developments made to Android took the mobile industry by storm and have continued that way ever since. The majority of mobiles and tablets worldwide today are now powered by Android, and the platform is also the leading gaming platform. With nearly twice as many users as the iOS platform, it is extremely popular, and Android Mobile Casino sites are in high demand.

Android technology spans many different brands and is compatible with Acer, Samsung, HTC and T-Mobile phones, amongst others. One of the reasons for Android’s success is their mobile operating system, which means that it is compatible with just about any smartphone or tablet on the market. It also has innovative open source features, meaning that it offers each Mobile Casino an easy interface. The result is that games run smoothly and players get a great gaming experience.

As they run so well, Android slots are now generally preferred by players over their desktop PC. They offer a unique experience which has been designed to provide a more interactive and stimulating gameplay. Android slots are now developed by Mobile Casino specifically for the Android gaming platform and are very user-friendly. This adds greatly to the fun factor. Also, the platform now provides access to all the most popular slot titles, along with the latest in mobile gaming.

Android games have become so popular that there are many online casinos offering players dedicated Android compatible options. You will find many Android Mobile Casinos that are designed specifically to run on Android software on your mobile device. Gambling Apps provide a slightly better performance than the web based Apps and are usually also available as Flash versions. However, the web-based Apps do not require downloading, and you can enjoy instant-play games by just visiting the Mobile Casino.

Download Casino on Android

An Android Mobile Casino App is a programme designed specific for you to access an individual casino’s games. They are regularly located on the casino website; you can also find them on review pages. You will need to open your security settings so that your device can download third party Apps from outside the Google play store. As they are programmed and developed specifically for the Android operating system, they offer maximum performance. Play should be seamless, and they should be graphically superb to look at. While nearly every Mobile Casino is striving to ensure that each Android device is compatible, there are still differences to be found. Therefore it is a good idea to download the App and play your favourite game to check that it plays well on your device. Download and registration are usually free, and you can play for free too while you are looking around.