Artificial Intelligence has virtually evolved every industry from business operations to gaming platforms, there is no technological aspect left that is not associated with Artificial Intelligence. This innovation has immensely modified the way industries regulate and perform, aside from a persistent basis to a significant short term basis as well. One of the biggest industry which has completely transformed after the association with Artificial Intelligence is the gaming industry as it substantially depends on technology. In the early 1950s, a mathematician and cryptographer Claude Shannon wondered about one player chess game in which you play with a computer which then revolutionized to AI as we perceive it now.

Below we will see how Artificial Intelligence has modified the gaming industry.

Enhancing Experience for Gamers:

Nowadays gamers ask for high details game which not only incorporates realistic appearance but also provides interesting and interactive gaming experience. The offers every bit of customization of scenarios as per real-time situations of gamers.There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence has the potential of enhancing the game to the next level.

Realistic Gaming Environment:

Artificial Intelligence has significantly modified this one area of the games over the last 10 years.By the use of AI, we all have witnessed the magnificent evolution in terms of 3D visualization and physics base simulation as well as some recent innovations like the incorporation of virtual reality and Augmented Reality in gaming. Due to this game developers are forced to develop much more visually engaging and interactive scenarios in games.

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Enhancing the Skills of Developers:

The gaming community thrives on technology, game developers are always in seek of cutting edge innovations and advanced technologies to incorporate these into games to enhance developing potentials. With the time inclusion of artificial intelligence in games, it may lead toa substantial advancement.The way games are developed using AI brings in several new ideas, for example;function-based movement, pathfinding, and incorporation of the genetic algorithm. These AI features are now being widely embraced in games as a result of this developer community is forced to acquire basic AI techniques and algorithms.

AI Incorporation in Smartphone Games:

The rise in the trend of the mobile gaming industry is significantly visible. According to a recent study, 50 percent of gaming revenue in 2017 has been gathered from mobile games. The high processing power of smartphones and tablets has entitled game developers to develop much more interesting visually appealing mobile games such as Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) and Call of Duty mobile. Although smartphones performance is still not on par compared to desktopcounterparts.To handle this problem mobile game developers are working on diversified research methods to improve AI algorithms and machine learning to improve the efficiency in mobile gaming.

Final Verdict:

To sum up this article, gaming is one of the highest revenue-generating industries. With the rise in the trend of gaming, demand for developing much more interesting, visually appealing, scenario-based games has increased. This require in-depth research and utilization of Artificial Intelligence in the gaming industry to further enhance the experience.