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Today, nearly 1 billion people live with a mental disorder. But for some reason, many mental health challenges are likely underreported. As a result, every year close to 3 million people dies due to substance abuse. Every 40 seconds, a person dies by suicide.

Every day we come in touch with people who are in different mental states, and we do not always understand how to behave when it comes to sensitive issues.

For World Mental Health Day BetterMe: Mental Health app is presenting a podcast to help users develop empathy, increase social awareness, and better interact with those experiencing mental challenges.


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Mental health gets the least attention when it comes to health globally, and the pandemic didn’t make it any better. With so much uncertainty in the world, it’s more vital than ever to be there for those who need it most.

With this podcast, BetterMe’s goal is to provide tools for more empathy, support, and a deeper understanding of others.

We talk about how to:

  • support someone with an eating disorder, depression, burnout;
  • help someone who’s being abused;
  • not impose your help onto another person;
  • provide first aid for a panic attack, and much more.


We created this podcast in collaboration with outstanding psychologists that share their knowledge and real-world experience. Users will get science-based information and practical tips for relationship management, deeper awareness, and social support.

Moreover, our users will:

  • Learn how to effectively communicate and support those under mental stress;
  • Self-reflect while helping others – see yourself from a different perspective;
  • Understand relationship management and how empathy can help build communication with co-workers, friends, and family;
  • Define own boundaries and ask for help when needed.


Listen here after downloading the app.

The overall objective of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health, so together with qualified psychologists we are putting affords to help everyone peacefully and effectively for each other to live with people with different mental states.

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