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Colorado Springs-based real estate investment company HBR Colorado has launched a new custom program designed to assist homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly.

The innovative new program allows homeowners much-needed flexibility when selling their homes in the ever-hot Colorado housing market. The custom program allows sellers to stay in their home for up to 30 days after a completed sale.

The program offers a real estate transaction that’s far less stressful than in the past, giving sellers time to remove their belongings at their own pace. It’s part of HBR Colorado’s commitment to making life easier for its clients.

HBR Colorado also assists homeowners by giving them time for the option of an estate sale, where they can list their belongings for sale on consignment, giving them the potential to receive even more cash in their pocket after selling their home.

It’s just one of many ways that HBR Colorado keeps its clients’ best interests in mind. The company covers all closing costs during every real estate transaction, and another program reflects the company’s forward-thinking approach to custom home buying.

That program can also make a real estate transaction even more lucrative for a seller by giving them home time to stay in their home after a transaction.

HBR Colorado’s proprietary marketing and listing service can net a seller up to a whopping 90% of their home’s full value by investing their own money in renovating the property while still living there. The goal: Helping them sell it for a higher value than if they would sell it directly to a flipper.

HBR Colorado has quickly established a reputation of thinking differently in a real estate market that can yield tremendous rewards for the seller. The family-owned business doesn’t just help you sell your home — it helps finds you solutions by offering fast-cash transactions instead of the stress, time, and extra expense that comes with listing your home on the market.

The priorities of each and every homeowner come first at HBR Colorado. Owner and CEO Brian Rudderow and co-owner Korrine Rudderow are dedicated to helping as many fellow Coloradoans as possible through real-estate solutions that help you and your family in the most effective ways possible.

The Rudderows work with a wide range of clients facing all the situations that come with real estate. That includes common issues such as impending foreclosure, divorce, and tax liens, as well as extensive property damage caused by fire and mold. They’ve worked with those dealing with squatters and bad tenants, and they’ve helped those who come into possession of homes through inheritance.

With its new flexible-terms program, HBR Colorado continues to look out for homeowners who deserve the most value for their property, offering custom solutions for those who need it the most. At HBR, there are no gimmicks and no pressure because there should be no reason why homeowners should experience undue stress when they’re ready to sell.

For more information, go to hbrcolorado.com or call 719-286-0053.

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Contact Information:
Brian Rudderow HBR Colorado 3094 1/2 W. Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (719) 286-0053 www.hbrcolorado.com

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Contact Information:

Brian Rudderow
HBR Colorado
3094 1/2 W. Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
(719) 286-0053