Making an investment in the Oahu luxury real estate market is a great way to experience what Paradise on Earth is like. Few places in the world today offer what Oahu Island, the largest of 137 islands that constitute Hawaii, has to offer. And of the 5 counties in the State, Honolulu’s attractive value proposition makes it an especially enticing place to own a home or investment property. And, when you choose Oahu to make that investment, you pick the island that also host’s the State’s capital – Honolulu.

Hawaiian Lifestyle Options: Consider Honolulu’s Great Potentials

Situated on Oahu Island, the most populous island in the state, Honolulu is Hawaii’s capital. Located on the central Pacific Ocean, owners of Honolulu luxury homes also have the privilege of living, and owning property, in one of the largest cities in the State. So, if it’s an ocean-side, beach retreat that you’re looking for, then you’re making the right choice if you’ve decided to call Honolulu your new home!

But, although you benefit from all the great luxuries and amenities that big-city living has to offer, Honolulu still provides residents that “small town vibe” that many big city dwellers long and crave for. So, when globetrotters, fleeing a laid-back lifestyle, flock to the Big Apple (New York City) to get a taste of the fast life; life in The Big Pineapple (one of Honolulu’s more popular nicknames!) offers you the best of both worlds. 

Honolulu and The Big Picture

Life in Honolulu doesn’t mean you live in total seclusion, cut-off from the rest of the world. Investors who choose to buy beachfront property close by, may also consider Lanikai homes, that’s just 24 minutes (or 13.4 miles) from Honolulu – via Pali Highway. 




And 17-minutes (11.0 miles) away is another opportunity, close to Honolulu, where home buyers and investors can buy Kailua Homes.  Both these are options that give you access to that big-city vibe, while also enjoying unbelievable beachfront living.

The Honolulu Perspective

So, let’s put things into perspective: How many big cities let you enjoy the lush pristine Pacific Ocean beach, just a few yards from home? The Honolulu Airport (HNL) is just 10 kilometers from downtown, and is less that a 10-minute taxi ride (for under $50). Even after a laid-back, early morning walk on the beach, or a swim in the ocean, you could still have plenty of time to put pause on your R&R, get on a plane and jump right back into your hectic lifestyle – before returning to your slice of Honolulu heaven!

And that’s what makes owning Honolulu Luxury estates more appealing than buying property anywhere else in the world.

Now, contrast that with life in the Big Apple. If living, surrounded by steel, glass, and concrete, is your idea of R&R, then you’ll likely not complain. But if you ever what to put pause, and catch a flight out, the JFK airport is just nearly 30-kilometers from New York City center – and a taxi ride will cost you around $120. And of course, as a bonus, you get to battle the infamous traffic gridlock that’s made the Big Apple world-famous.

And there’s more to the Honolulu lifestyle

Honolulu offers the best of many worlds for most people looking to relocate. Whether it’s:

– as an investment property

– a vacationing home

– a place to rent and generate an extra stream of passive income

– a second home

– …or your ultimate “move to” place after retiring


You’ll find real estate with great value across the city. From penthouses and bungalows, to condominium town homes and private neighborhood fee-simple homes – you’ll find it all in The Big Pineapple. But just because Honolulu promises a small-town vibe, doesn’t mean your choice of a home here will cut you off from world-class luxuries. To the contrary, your Hawaii luxury real estate investment in Honolulu gives you access to:

– Some of the best restaurants and dining you’ve ever experienced. From specialty local cuisine, to international gourmet foods, to anything that you want “fast and furious” and on the go – Honolulu has it all. 

– Great shopping at reasonable pricing too. If you’re in the Waikiki neighborhood, just across the Ala Wai Canal, you’ll enter what’s guaranteed to be a Shopper’s Paradise. Just head to the Ala Moana Center, and you’ll find over 350 shops, and more than 150+ dining choices, From Nordstrom to Jimmy Choo, Diane Von Furstenburg, and everything in-between. If it’s specialty, boutique shopping you’re after – then you won’t be disappointed.  

– Awesome water sporting activities for you and your entire family. From kayaking and canoeing, to water-skiing, paddling, swimming, sailing, snorkeling, and fishing in crystal clear, turquoise waters of the vast Pacific Ocean.

And, let’s not forget about the historic significance of living in Honolulu. History buffs will savor the somber experience of a visit to the not-so-far-away Pearl Harbor, as well as to the historic USS Arizona Memorial. And if you truly wish to pay homage to native Hawaiian culture, visit Iolani Palace and get a sense of what life was prior to the arrival of early Europeans and American settlers.  

Like other Oahu beachfront homes, investing in Honolulu luxury homes also gives you access to family living, high-quality schools, healthcare that’s the best in the world, lots of outdoors activities, like hiking, jogging, and biking.