Intro: Global Background Screening, LLC (GBS) has announced the launch of a new Screening-Tech product that will provide additional coverage in 21 countries in Latin America, including Suriname and French Guiana and the Caribbean for only $25.


Currently, South and Central American employment background checks are conducted at the country or even local city levels only. Global Background Screening LLC, a revolutionary on-demand screening platform, is launching the “Latin American Conduct Search” in July 2022 that aims to reduce global risk.


The product provides an extra layer of screening that is superior to other screening companies. It includes a collection of over 260 government sources covering Anti Money Laundering/Know your Customer, Financial Crimes, Corruption, Terrorism, Human Trafficking and much more. Included in the search is also Adverse Media, covering over 280 local newspapers, media outlets, press releases and more.


The company believes this new product will make international screening easier for companies, while providing more coverage than any other screening service.


View the breakdown of sources and coverage per country

Latin America Conduct Search Chart 2


Global Background Screening stands out with these benefits:

  • No Contracts
  • Custom Client Check-Out Pages
  • International Screening Services
  • Private Label Pages and Authorization forms
  • Applicant Pay-Up-Front Checkout Pages
  • On-Demand Select As You Go
  • Multi-language support
  • Built on Advanced Cloud Portal that Assures Highest Security
  • No Setup Fees or Technology Fees
  • National Fingerprinting & Level 2 FDLE Fingerprinting
  • Drug Testing available in every county (Urine, Hair, DOT)
  • Tenant Screening & Credit Reports
  • Social Media Screening & 30k Adverse Media Sources
  • Fully Insured, including Cybersecurity
  • Data Housed in USA


Global Background Screening’s On-Demand Screening Platform launched at the beginning of 2020, makes screening for employers, contractors, vendors, and volunteers in over 200 countries as easy as ordering on Amazon.


Unlike traditional background check companies that charge setup fees, take days to figure out onboarding and package pricing/costs; provides organizations all prices up front, average turnaround time of services, with the ease of ordering right off their mobile-friendly site within seconds.


Carlos Crameri, the Chief Technology Marketing Officer of GBS talks about how easy it is for companies to create any type of complex workflow in 24-48 hours. “From private label pages to applicant checkout pages, we make it extremely easy for any type of workflow to happen. Basically, if you can think of it, our team can create it”


Chris Stailey, a principal at Agon Coordination states, “It’s great to know we can order any type of background check, view pricing up front, and the time it will take for each report before even checking out.” If there’s a new hire we need within a day, we can simply click on the expedite button. Agon Coordination is a pioneer in BIM Coordination and responsible for the construction of some of New York City’s biggest skyscrapers.


One of the major advantages of the screening platform is not only the screening-tech, but the additional workflows that can easily be implemented for any type of employer or organization. The below workflows can be created within 24-48 hours free of cost.


GBS does not believe in holding customers by a contract. You can be a one-time customer or repeat customer can order 1 background check or 1,000.


The Big-Box Screening corporations such as First Advantage, Sterling, and HireRight all require multi-year contracts for pricing based on expected hires a year. If a business breaks the contract, they can sue. GBS does not believe in holding customers by a contract, especially during these uncertain times. We make it as simple and as cost-effective as possible to order a background check for a volunteer at a local church, a new contractor, to an extensive background check for an executive at a large corporation.” Explains Tracy Shatus, CEO of GBS as one of the major differentiators between GBS and the traditional screening companies.


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