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Boost your immunity naturally with Eucalyptus and Thyme Essential Oils

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DOVER, DE (January 18, 2021) – With the cold and flu season in full swing, you may be looking for natural remedies to strengthen your immunity, and combat flu symptoms. Gya Labs features five natural essential oils that effectively diminish cold and flu symptoms and two that boost immunity. Stay comfortable this winter with five of our best essential oils for cold and flu:

Peppermint Essential Oil

With a familiar and comforting minty scent, peppermint essential oil works as a natural decongestant to clear your nasal passage. Peppermint contains menthol which relieves sinuses and congestion while soothing sore throats. Its cool and refreshing scent further calms throbbing headaches for better mental clarity.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Our eucalyptus essential oil carries a herbaceous and minty scent. It improves respiratory circulation to ensure smoother breathing by relieving congestion and coughs. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that strengthen your immune system for better respiratory health.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Leafy and herbaceous, our antibacterial tea tree essential oil is not only great for purifying air, it also combats respiratory tract infections. As an effective expectorant, Tea Tree gets rid of mucus build-up to ease nasal congestion.

Thyme Essential Oil

Give your immunity a boost this cold and flu season with our thyme essential oil! It releases a sweet, herbaceous scent when inhaled or diffused. Its ability to fight infections in the chest or throat and relieve congestion makes it a great natural remedy for the common cold.

Pine Needle Essential Oil

Refresh your senses with our pine needle essential oil’s invigorating, woody and balsamic scent! It clears your respiratory tract of mucus to reduce congestion so you can breathe without worries. Its air-purifying properties also eliminate bacteria indoors, making it a natural remedy for coughs and colds.

“Health and wellness continue to be centerstage for all of us. At Gya Labs, we believe that self care and self help doesn’t have to be hard. Essential oils can be a great addition to medicine for relieving cold and flu symptoms” states Deepa Sapatnekar, Director, Marketing and Communications, Gya Labs. “Whether you are looking to boost your immunity or manage cold and flu symptoms, essential oils can naturally strengthen your health to ward off cold and flu, while promoting mind and body wellness.”

Protect yourself and your loved ones from cold and flu this season with our essential oils. A few drops of essential oil is all you need to ease cold and flu symptoms while boosting your immunity.

Note: essential oils can be inhaled, however for topical applications should always be diluted, either in a diffuser or with a carrier oil

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