Gas prices continue to surge, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to fit this expense into the budget. Luckily, there are ways you can hack your credit cards to help lessen the burden at the pump. Here are the best credit cards to help you through this tough time.

Why should I consider getting another credit card?

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider getting another credit card. For one, if your credit card charges high interest rates, it might be worth considering getting a card that offers lower rates. In this case, however, you may want to look into how to consolidate credit card debt instead.

Additionally, just because you have a go-to credit card for the majority of your purchases doesn’t mean you’re maximizing your spending. Many people use the same card for everyday expenses, but there are other options out there that could save you money or make your dollar go further, thanks to cash back bonuses and reward points.

How do cashback credit cards work?

Cash back rewards are one of the biggest benefits of credit cards. They allow you to get money back out of your spending without having to spend any extra time shopping around. Simply put, when you spend money using a credit card that offers cash back rewards, the credit card company pays your bank a percentage of the sale, usually 1-3%. So for every $100 you spend on your card, you could receive somewhere between $1 and $3 in cash back.

What card should I use to pay for gas?

1. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Annual Fee: $95

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred® Card offers 3% back on purchases made at gas stations around the US plus 3% cash back on transit purchases such as taxis, rideshares, parking, tolls, trains, and bus fares.

2. PNC Cash Rewards® Visa®

Annual Fee: $0

The PNC Cash Rewards® Visa® offers 4% cash back at gas stations, making it an excellent card to keep in your vehicle for gas purchases. Plus, it has no annual fee.

3. Citi Premier® Card

Annual Fee: $95

The Citi Premier® Card doesn’t offer cash back for purchases but gives bonus rewards points for purchases in specific categories. Citi currently offers 3x points for every $1 spent at supermarkets and gas stations, which can be converted into gift cards or used for travel.

4. Citi Custom Cash? Card

Annual Fee: $0

The Citi Custom Cash? Card is an excellent card for those looking for flexible cashback options since it automatically pays 5% back on all purchases in your highest-spending eligible category. Gas stations are considered their own category, so if you use this solely to fill up the tank, you can expect a nice 5% statement credit every month.

The bottom line

These are the best credit cards to use to pay for gas to make the high price a little more bearable. If you’re struggling due to the rising cost of gas, consider using one of these cards to help you get by.

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