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[London, U.K.]: Today, Atreides announced they are among the top five winning innovators that participated in the Adarga and British Army 1st (UK) Division’s 2021 Hackathon.

The event was hosted by the British Army at the Defence BattleLab where military personnel and industry teams collaboratively developed leading-edge software and AI solutions to solve real-world challenges faced by the U.K. Field Army. Other winning teams were from well-established companies: Babcock, Adarga, Maxar and PA Consulting.

Atreides’ won for its AI-driven, high-fidelity web application to identify and recommend locations for sighting communication antenna for the Army in difficult and hostile terrains. The Atreides’ solution draws on data-driven models, machine learning and the international NATO doctrine of intelligence management requirements.

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The Atreides solution will be deployed as a prototype in the Army’s Digital Readiness Experiment (DRE). Supported by Adarga, the DRE will help the Army rapidly procure and adopt next-generation software at the speed of industry.

“This milestone is a major move for Atreides on its mission to support the digital transformation of the Defense sector and enable soldiers to actively shape these leading innovations,” says Atreides CEO Jeff Spencer.

To learn more about Hackathon 2021, click here

Check out the highlights reel from the event here.



Quotes from partners and judges:

“We were bowled over by the calibre of the solutions developed in such a short period of time. They provided laser-focused, transformational capabilities to solve challenges that the Field Army face day-to-day on Exercise.” – Brigadier Chris King, Commander 104 Logistic Support Brigade

“Hackathon 2021 has helped to inject digital innovation to the vital Defence transformation agenda and, importantly, showed that Atreides can rapidly help bring that change.” – Former Brigadier General Chris Middleton, Atreides Board Advisor

“The incredible outputs of Hackathon 2021 demonstrate the paramount value and speed of innovation afforded by closer collaboration between industry and UK Defence.” – Rob Bassett Cross, CEO of Adarga


About Atreides: Atreides is the intelligence-as-a-service company that brings its unique massive-scale data to a simple, intuitive CCIRM platform that everyone in your organization can put to work. CCIRM (Collection Coordination of Intelligence Requirements Management) is your digital intelligence backbone that is fully integrated and delivered to you via a cloud endpoint. It allows teams to:

  • Manage everything from one workspace and eradicate duplication of effort
  • Get instant access to your data at the stroke of a key
  • Make CCIRM the backbone of your tradecraft
  • Seamlessly manage the entire intelligence process remotely or in the field

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