Ex-Swiss private banker Ashish Bhandari takes his love of aviation to the next level, both personally and professionally.

Ashish Bhandari is a former banker, having worked for many years alongside a plethora of ultra-wealthy clients. Three years ago, Bhandari left the world of finance behind to establish his own operations. This shift has seen the ex-Swiss private banker take to the skies, acquiring his private pilot license and partnering with a jet chartering company to work on his latest venture.

“I left the world of banking at the end of 2017,” explains former banker Ashish Bhandari, speaking from his home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For many years, Bhandari had focused on portfolio management, investment advisory, and estate planning, working predominantly with ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Since then, the former banker has gone on to establish a total of three successful businesses in his native India. During this period, and alongside pursuing his personal business dreams, he’s also made time to indulge in a variety of his other passions in life. A lifelong aviation enthusiast, Bhandari has put a considerable portion of that time into flying.

This focus on his love of flying is reflected in the former banker’s credentials as a private pilot. The proud holder of a private pilot license—a form of recognized certification that allows holders to act as pilots in command of privately flown aircraft—he now also regularly charters private jets.

Embracing the world of private aviation has proved highly beneficial to Ashish Bhandari during the ongoing global pandemic. “In 2020, I increasingly began to lease private jets for my business travel as most commercial flights had stopped,” he reveals. “In the process, I gained an in-depth understanding of the private jet industry,” adds Bhandari.

Ashish Bhandari partners with jet chartering company for latest venture

Now perfectly positioned to further benefit from his passion for aviation, ex-banker Ashish Bhandari has entered into a partnership with a successful jet chartering company based in India. “Starting with the leasing of private jets, I’ve quickly come to find myself positioned to embrace another new opportunity,” Bhandari explains.

Accordingly, Bhandari has invested in what is hoped will be another highly lucrative business venture for the ex-Swiss private banker.

Licensed private pilot Ashish Bhandari was particularly inspired to branch out into the leasing of private jets as airlines across the globe canceled commercial flights over growing concerns surrounding COVID-19. The former banker has since spoken about how flying via private jet has countless advantages over flying commercially. One of these advantages is overall safety, health-wise, he reveals.

“Flying via commercial aircraft comes with a number of health risks attributed to being in an enclosed space with dozens of people,” says the expert. “Yet, private jets transport much smaller groups,” he adds, wrapping up, “and it’s possible to fly solely with those closest to you.”