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Market analysts at PortMA release timely Food Sampling: Experiential Marketing Benchmarks Report as the sampling world heats back up with new and improved activation strategies.


Portland, ME, USA – Now that things are returning to normal after the whirlwind caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most powerful tools for supermarket and retail marketing is back: food sampling. Portland Marketing Analytics (PortMA), a market research firm focusing on strategies such as experiential marketing, brings useful and pertinent insights with their comprehensive Food Sampling: Experiential Marketing Benchmarks report.

Supermarket managers and marketers understand the importance of food sampling which ultimately helps drive customers to make that final purchase. However, it can be difficult to accurately gauge the effectiveness of this strategy on a day-to-day scale. That’s why PortMA set out to gather as much data as possible and take out all the complications behind measuring the numbers and put it all in a simplified & easy to follow report.

What’s inside the Food Sampling: Experiential Marketing Benchmarks? First, it covers a wide range of food types, including bread & bakery items, canned foods, dairy products, frozen foods, meat & seafood, candies & snacks, and much more. Field staff collected information from 6,050 food sampling event days, where 3,442,531 samples were distributed. They also conducted 36,186 product sampling consumer exit interviews directly after the events to accurately assess experiential engagement from the consumer.

This is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on this marketing strategy now that it’s relatively safe to share samples with consumers. When looking at data from The Associated Press, product sampling presented inside the store entices 20% of consumers to buy versus those who don’t sample.

Chris Clegg, President and Research Director at PortMA, says: “Consumers are returning to in-store shopping, but they are expecting more than business as usual. Experiential marketing and product sampling provide marketers and brands with the perfect channel to fulfill this demand. At the same time, agencies and in-house brand teams can deliver first-in-class ROI for their campaigns with the help of data and benchmarks.”

The Food Sampling: Experiential Marketing Benchmarks provides detailed instructions on how to accurately utilize Event Benchmarks to create and deploy effective experiential campaigns that are evidence-based, alongside detailed data tables with defined budget breakdowns, engagement & event ROI benchmarks, and full demographic information for each consumer profile.

PortMA is an established marketing research firm that uses data analytics and a team of experienced professionals to provide, create, and evaluate experiential marketing strategies for agencies, marketers, and the top brands nationwide.

If you want to learn more about PortMA’s Food Sampling: Experiential Marketing Benchmarks or any of their other services, please follow the link here or reach out to the friendly sales team using the email or phone number listed below:



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