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The oceans are one of Earth’s greatest gifts to humans. Beautiful and valuable ecosystems teeming with life provide everything from fresh food to careers for millions of people.

These seas that we are so dependent on may seem perfectly healthy, but not everything is as it appears. The oceans are like a slowly wilting flower that has been beaten down over the years. And now, it is shedding its last petals. If something is not done soon to fix the mess that humanity has made, then it will be too late to save some of the irreplaceable species that make lives easier each and every day.


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In order to protect and conserve marine life and these huge bodies of water, it is important to know more about them. It is crucial to know how essential oceans are to the existence of every creature on this planet. Oceans are a huge source of oxygen for organisms everywhere. It is very helpful in the processes of both storing and capturing carbon dioxide.

The protection of the oceans is not a topic to take lightly. Besides, there is no excuse for refusing to acknowledge that. This may be the last chance that anyone is given to do something about it.

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Stream “Blue World” in DocuBox, and enjoy deep-water-virtual-tour episodes anytime! Whether you want to relax, calm yourself, or just explore the ocean, these episodes are perfect no matter what.

Understand more the life beneath the shore and be amazed of all creatures living within.




“Blue World” seeks to bring marine knowledge to your TV screens. Jonathan Bird, one of the world’s top underwater nature cinematographers, will help you along the way.

Traveling the world on assignment for all the major networks, he is an Emmy Award-winning authority on the underwater world. In freshwater or salt, reefs, wrecks, or caves, Jonathan documents the world beneath the waves. Welcome to the Blue World. Jonathan Bird’s Blue World is an Emmy Award-winning underwater science/adventure program that airs on public television in the United States.




You can have free access to these marine-packed episodes HERE or you can click each photo below to choose for your episode anytime, anywhere!

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Written by: Francesca Jade Hernandez | Content Writer


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