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Education Iconnect is one of the most student-friendly online forums offering free career counseling for a wide range of courses approved by UGC and other authorities to its students in Management Course, Technical, Traditional, Computers, Research, Diploma, and certification courses. University Admission in Distance Education, Part-Time and Online courses at a university fee, where students can pursue learning without even going to the Institute.

Education I Connect get information around 800 university  and 15000 Colleges, With our expert team of academicians and educationists, Education iconnect  have dissected each and every educational system and found out ways to excel in each

Education Iconnect provides some of the services which are entirely focused to give the children an avenue to enhance their educational experience. Those who are looking for IGNOU Admission can get information from the Website.

The problem with our educational system is that it has always emphasized on rote learning. The students are not taught a technical aspect of what needs to be done; instead, they are just fed stories after stories which they at the end of the term vomit it out in the exams. This is one of the main reasons why Education iconnect has constantly argued that the educational system in our country is greatly flawed.

Thus, the sole purpose of the said website is to provide information to the public at large, in relation to various courses offered by various institutes and UGC update guideline information.

It is categorically submitted that no education courses/ admission is offered through “https://educationiconnect.com”, which is only to provide the information to students for choice path in a good way.

Further, phone numbers are used to interact with people who contact us with their specific queries in relation to various courses/institutes. It is categorically denied that any client is solicited for imparting education courses on behalf of any institute in lieu of consideration through the aforesaid phone numbers.

Education Iconnect provides services that are aimed at removing such fallacies from the students’ minds that they cannot choose a career path of their own. Education iconnect will in fact facilitate a way by which they would be able to focus in their careers wholeheartedly and also along the way discover their potential.

With so many career options available for them, most of them do not realize that all that they need is a poke in the right direction. They blindly appear for all kinds of exams and do not realize their forte. Education iconnect, with our expert team of professionals, will help these confused students to realize their potential and choose a career that would best suit them.

The path to a successful and satisfying job or work is not an easy one. There are buses to catch, classes to attend and studies to complete. In a time like this, you need a guide; a friend who would be able to guide you through these treacherous paths where one false step could lead to a lifetime regret. Education iconnect at Education Iconnect are that guide for you. One of the premier service providers in the country, Education iconnect aims to provide educational counseling to a variety of students. Education iconnect understands the mentality and the needs of the various categories of students and gives proper counseling on which career option would be best suited for their needs.

Our network has spread its tentacles all over the country in order to reach the needs of each and every special student. For us we know, the future of the country lies in the hands of the present young generation. Until and unless they are not taught to be the change-makers of the society, it is difficult to envisage a better India.

Education iconnect have achieved this with a simple, yet effective formula. Our company is linking various:

Education iconnect is doing this in order to make our company a complete and one-stop solution to all kinds of career queries and assistance. Education iconnect is also hoping to become one of the most successful service providers in the country.

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