Zug (Switzerland), October 4, 2021Dynasty Global Investments AG is deepening its involvement with the Middle East’s growing Blockchain financial sector, engaging with investors, searching for properties for its portfolio, and finalising plans to open an office in Dubai. Dynasty’s CEO and founder, Eduardo Carvalho, is currently in Dubai for meetings with potential investors and searching for a Middle East base for its innovative cryptocurrency business. Dynasty’s cryptocurrency, the D¥NS, is the first to be referenced to real estate, as the proceeds from the sale of its ERC-20 tokens are used to buy Triple A properties in major cities around the world. Income generated from the lease of the properties is used to buy back D¥NS in the secondary market and burn them – effectively destroying them forever – to increase scarcity, thus helping increase their value. While in Dubai, Mr. Carvalho will be taking part in Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 16th Global Family Office Investment Summit as one of its VIP speakers. The event, being held between the 3rd and 5th of October, brings together family offices representing investments to the order of US$ 4.5 trillion in assets. “I have come to Dubai a few times since the launch of our D¥NS cryptocurrency and I have been impressed by how the authorities here are managing to encourage innovative financial products whilst also ensuring they are well run, transparent and properly regulated”, said Mr. Carvalho. “Ahead of the Family Office Investment Summit, I am spending time in Dubai meeting private investors, discussing the acquisition of real estate and also identifying the right premises for our future Dubai branch, as we believe there is a lot we can do here from an investment and cryptocurrency development perspective”, Eduardo Carvalho added. Dynasty Global Investments AG is headquartered in the Swiss canton of Zug, known as the Crypto Valley, and also has a subsidiary in the city of Sao Paulo, Latin America’s financial and business powerhouse. Dynasty executed its first D¥NS buy back and burn operation on September 30th, when it acquired tokens with revenues generated through the leasing of the first property in its portfolio in Sao Paulo earlier this year. The next buy back is scheduled for October 9th. Created in 2019, D¥NS was first sold to private investors worldwide before having a first tranche released through cryptocurrency exchanges Exmarkets, Probit, Latoken, and P2PB2B in July 2021. There will be a total of 21 million tokens sold through private and public offers over the next few years, with no more D¥NS ever to be generated. As more properties are added to Dynasty Global Investments AG’s portfolio, more rental revenue will be used to continue with the buy-back and burn process. BACKGROUND INFORMATION What are D¥NS? A new and unique cryptocurrency, D¥NS are designed to bring together the benefits of both the crypto and real estate worlds by referencing the cryptocurrency to ultra-premium, ‘Triple A’ properties to be acquired in major cities around the world. As tokens are sold, funds will be used to acquire more ultra-premium real estate. With rental revenues from the properties, Dynasty will rebuy D¥NS from the market to be burnt, increasing their scarcity. This innovative cryptocurrency is positioned somewhere between typical cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, with no links to real assets, and stablecoins, which are fully pegged to assets like fiat currencies or precious metals. Due to the success of earlier private investment rounds, the company started building its property portfolio before the D¥NS’ public offer in July, by acquiring nearly 1,000 sqm of high-end commercial real estate in São Paulo’s prestigious Faria Lima Avenue for BRL 27,695,000 (US$ 5.48 million). How are D¥NS being sold? Over the next few years, a total of 21 million ERC-20 tokens will be released and sold in tranches. The first tranche, its IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), was released on the 1st of July 2021, with the tokens becoming tradeable through crypto exchanges targeting primarily Europe and Asia, such as Exmarkets, Probit, Latoken and P2PB2B. More exchanges are expected to be added over time. D¥NS have also been sold to private investors. What governance measures are in place? Dynasty has signed up to best practice procedures developed for companies operating from the so-called Crypto Valley in Switzerland. This means the tokens will only be sold to an investor once the necessary checks are done based on recommended Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) checks, to ensure the buyer’s identity is known and that there is no evidence of money laundering attempts. What is Dynasty Global Investments AG? The business is the brainchild of experienced and successful entrepreneurs Eduardo Carvalho and Fabio Asdurian. Launched in 2016 in the Swiss canton of Zug, dubbed the Crypto Valley, Dynasty set up its headquarters in an area that hosts a number of cryptocurrency-related businesses that commit to following the region’s globally recognised rules, designed to regulate companies using blockchain technology. It also has a subsidiary in Brazil and is currently developing plans to set up operations in Dubai. The aim is to make the D¥NS a global reference point for cryptocurrencies through its unique and innovative combination of digital and physical assets, through blockchain technology, allowing investment and transactions to flow freely across borders through this ERC-20 token. Carvalho started his enterprising career at the age of 19, when he halted his university degree to set up his first e-commerce business in his native Brazil. He also worked as the COO for Imovel A, a business set up by one of Brazil’s largest property developers focused on the sale of premium properties to high-net-worth individuals. Fabio Asdurian also has considerable experience in e-commerce and property acquired during his career in Brazil. Over the past decade, he has been focusing on projects based on new technologies and real estate. He also regularly acts as advisor for the structuring of property investment funds. 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