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  • Celebrities and leaders from government, business and academia convene at the XXI International Edition to release pioneering solutions for women in the Americas
  • Over the last twenty years top leaders across government, business ONG and academia made over 90 commitments to address some of today’s most pressing women issues.
  • This year sponsored by one of the large corporation in Colombia, Gelsa based in Bogota.

Bogota, Colombia. August 11, 2021  – The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce (USMCC) is pleased to announce that Mrs. Mabel Torres, one of the first minority woman as a Minister in the Government of Colombia, will be a keynote speaker at the XXI Edition of The Minority Women Leadership The Americas Summit Bogota, Colombia 2021, to take place August 12th – 14th, 2021 at the Bogota Plaza Hotel.  The event is no open to the public.

The Summit will be titled “Inform, Empower, Inspire and Impact”. Mrs.  Torres will be speaking during the luncheon conference on Friday, August 13, 2021.

The Minority Women Leadership America Summit 2021 explores ways to empower women by sharing stories from the front lines of change. It actively presents examples of women who have presided over this great awakening in global leadership. This year we face a wide range of important matters that still impact women today. These matters range from economic development and public service to the wage gap and the absence of educational opportunities for women around the world.

The exclusive Minority Women Leadership Americas Summit Bogota 2021 will be a convening of mighty female leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, public officials, and high-level corporate executives. Together they will move and inspire with their provocative accounts and make waves with their new vision for years to come.

This year’s guest speakers include Ms. Leslye Lazo from Ecuador, currently Minister of Agriculture, Carolina Duran, Bogota’s Secretary for Economic Development, Gloria Betty Zorro, Colombian Congresswoman, Camila Moreno, the women’s rights advocate in Colombia, Johanna Ruiz, lawyer in family litigation, Claudia Bedoya from the Energy world, Sandra Román, president of the Rural University, Martha Juliana Silva from investment banking in Colombia, internationally renowned journalist Silvia Corzo, Odette Pineiro, former Minister of Education of Puerto Rico among other exceptional women.

“The XXI edition is the first gathering of its kind. This is the beginning of a long journey to the Americas movement in favor to the women, urged more values, education and business opportunities for them, the advancement of rights for women and girls, is just a cause and it concerns everybody,” said Doug Mayorga, CEO of the U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce. “To bring Mrs. Torres,  a minority women, Colombian and scientific will be a unique opportunity since traditionally our activities are based on business, public and private investment. This time we are giving an innovation side to the Minority Women Leadership Americas Summit.” adds Mr. Mayorga.

About the Minority Women Leadership World Summit Bogota 2021.

It is the global stage for celebrating women’s voices around the world in Business, Science, Governance and public service. There is a lot that has been done by and for women, but there’s still plenty to do. The conference will bring leaders from various backgrounds and experiences to share ways women can contribute to Sustainable Development Goals and accelerate women’s leadership in a bold new way. For more information: www.womensummit.world

About the U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce (USMCC)

Founded in Miami Dade in the year 2000, the mission of the USMCC is to build lasting prosperity for minority businesses in the U.S. through expansion of trade, public-private partnership, and the international cooperation, and implementing good practices that are the hallmark of the U.S. entrepreneurial spirit. The biggest obstacles to economic engagement and development for U.S. minority businesses are a lack of direction and connections and the unknown/perceived risks in the global market. The USMCC helps companies mitigate these risks through advocacy, access, and by identifying market opportunities. For more information: www.minoritychamber.net


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