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Dr. Navid Vahedi Examines New Breakthroughs in Functional Medicine

Dr. Navid Vahedi and his Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy have been tracking a handful of various breakthroughs in functional medicine over the last year, believing that many new concepts will be available to handle many various diseases. And fasting, a unique care option, has caught their attention and may be something that they are interested in helping others with in the future.

Dr. Navid Vahedi Discusses New Functional Medicine Concepts

Functional medicine is a unique care option that Dr. Navid Vahedi and Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy believe can help with many diseases. This theory’s central concept is utilizing the body’s natural recovery capabilities to help a person heal and become healthier. There are a handful of different ways that Dr. Navid Vahedi and others achieve this type of healing power.

And thankfully, researchers from around the world are working with Dr. Navid Vahedi and others in this field to produce more substantial and more capable healing methods. For example, the power of fasting was recently discussed at the Annual International Conference for functional medicine professionals. Dr. Navid Vahedi and others attended and learned how this unique method helps with many conditions.

For example, it was found that fasting along with a person’s circadian rhythms – i.e., their sleep patterns – could help promote more muscular heart health and many other benefits. Dr. Navid Vahedi and others believe that this technique’s main advantages are to clear out the body and help reset its internal chemistry, allowing a person to heal in a variety of different ways without specialized medicine.

However, Dr. Navid Vahedi and his Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy have also pursued and examined concepts like a “fasting window” or “fasting emulation” that help to make this process easier. Cancer therapy, being critical for Dr. Navid Vahedi and other medical professionals’ careers, has been found to be enhanced by fasting. Pain management, in particular, was crucial to this aspect.

As a result, Dr. Navid Vahedi and Fusion RX Compounding Pharmacy have been examining the potentials of this fasting-based method, integrating it into other care methods that have worked for them in the past. The main idea here is to make it simpler for people to handle this type of care without Dr. Navid Vahedi or other medical professionals there to walk them through the challenging parts.

That said, Dr. Navid Vahedi and other functional care specialists are taking a measured approach to fasting and its potential benefits. While it is true that this method does seem to produce benefits, more tests and studies need to be done. In this way, it is possible to understand these findings better and ensure that they match up with what other medical professionals have found on the same subject.