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Beyond Ghana and Nigeria, DesignJenius.com opens its doors to thousands of International Clients. New Year, New Doors – They Call It

Since its inception 2 years ago, Design Jenius has risen from its humble beginnings as a one-woman business graphic design services in Ghana and Nigeria, without even a website, to the rising giant now capable of receiving and handling hundreds of graphic design requests each week from businesses, individuals and organizations not only in Nigeria and Ghana but also from any English-speaking country worldwide.


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This was made known during the graphic design company’s expansion announcement. It’s 21 years old, Founder & Chairwoman of the board, Miss Jane Love who was the business’s very first employee and who has grown DesignJenius.com to the level it is today.

“I was still in school when I started, armed with basic graphic design skills in Canva and Microsoft Publisher, I dived into my circle of friends and relatives’ businesses and events, bidding for any graphic design request or job opportunity I could find. Even when there was none, I was sometimes able to show them the need for one” said Miss Jane Love, as she told some of the stories of the company’s early days.

When asked why this move and if this was the right time, she said: “It’s not as if we don’t already serve international creatives and graphic design clients since 2019. It’s just that we have been focusing our customer acquisition efforts offline in Nigeria and Ghana as we built our solid customer base. This new year 2022, we are strongly including international graphic design requests by launching our customer service web application and paying more attention to our online marketing and activities”.

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At this point when asked what DesignJenius’s international clients should expect, she answered that all the company’s products are available such as Graphic Design Services, Membership for Designers, Learn Graphic Design, DesignJenius Contest & Giveaways, and their Customized and Limited-Edition Clothing & Merchandise store. The only limitation is that some countries won’t be able to order from their Customized and Limited-Edition Clothing & Merchandise store as certain logistic & supply chain bottlenecks are being sorted out.

The Founder & Chairwoman’s answers satisfied her inquirers but that doesn’t mean we were done. A colleague pointed out that DesignJenius.com was in the creative field and hence requires time to effectively actualize each project. Also, the firm offers Graphic Design services in all these categories: Brand & Visual Identity, Business & Advertising, Clothing & Merchandise, Packaging & Label, Social Media, Website & App, Illustration & Art, Book & Magazine, etc.

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The question was, what measures have Miss Jane Love and DesignJenius.com put in place to ensure that clients were served in a timely manner and that deadlines were always met? Answering she said, “We should all remember that it has been a gradual incremental growth since the last two years and not just a sudden change occurring now. Hence, our internal company systems, structures, and infrastructures are mature and up to the task. Also, our newly launched customer service web application allows us to streamline our communication and transaction with thousands of clients each month”.

“And as you already know through DesignJenius Contests & Giveaways we are always scouting to find new talented graphic designers to join our internal design team and extended remote graphic designer team worldwide. So, we always have enough staff to serve all customers and meet all deadlines. We have always focused on delivering the best in both our customer service and design. Try us and see”.

After the discussions, as I and my colleagues left the meeting, we were all full of optimism knowing that the “little chick” that started over two years ago with just a laptop and basic graphic design skills has already grown, spread her wings, and flown all over Ghana and Nigeria; and now has left on her journey around the globe toward more international clients as https://designjenius.com/.