Weed MD is welcomed in Québec, says cannabis executive Davide Zaffino

Québec cannabis industry leader Davide Zaffino of Montréal says WeedMD has been a very welcome addition to the provincial cannabis market. 

“Consumers are just as happy as we are,” said ROSELifeScience President & CEO Zaffino about WeedMD’s Color Cannabis products, which have been available to Quebécers since February 2021. “Québec is one of the largest cannabis markets in Canada. When a company as renowned as WeedMD can be a part of it, this is good for everyone. This is already starting to show.” added Zafinno. 

The expansion into Québec by the Ontario-based producer was the result of a major agreement between WeedMD and ROSE to bring WeedMD’s sought-after adult-use products to consumers throughout Québec.

The WeedMD family will now cover more than 85 percent of Canada, according to the company.

“Securing access into new markets is a key strategic objective for us in 2021 and we’re thrilled to be expediting our Color Cannabis expansion kick-off with confirmation that our products are now available in the Québec market. We’re honoured that Color is among this selection,” said George Scorsis, Executive Chairman and Interim CEO, WeedMD in a press release.

This was exactly the goal, said Zaffino who, along with co-founders Brian Stevenson and François Limoges, positioned ROSE to provide reliable distribution and marketing services to quality producers, like WeedMD.

“This is how the industry improves,” said Zaffino. “We know Québec is a major player and it’s companies like WeedMD who can take responsible cannabis further.”

Color Cannabis dried-flower products available in the province’s adult-use market include Pedro’s Sweet Sativa, Ghost Train Haze, Mango Hase and Black Sugar Rose.

Beyond distribution, logistics and marketing services, ROSE LifeScience Inc., out of Huntingdon, QC, is known for producing top-quality cannabis. Alongside its partner brands, products from the ROSE family are developed and distributed to prioritize the Québec cannabis market.