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Roughly 7.7 million kids in the United States between the ages of 6 and 17 have a mental health disorder. Many times, kids and their parents don’t know where to seek help for these issues. Pastor David Bosley Master’s Ranch former CEO has been working with the Master’s Ranch Christian Academy for more than 20 years. He recently discussed how treatment in a ranch or farm atmosphere can be beneficial for teens with mental health disorders.

The Master’s Ranch Christian Academy works with troubled boys dealing with a variety of anger or behavioral issues. The academy also assists those who have been diagnosed with ADD, RAD, or ADHD. The goal is to help these young men find the hope and confidence they need to change paths.

“Master’s Ranch is located in a unique ranch-style setting,” David Bosley formerly of Master’s Ranch said. “We take a Christian approach to healing, but provide many evidence-based treatment methods as well.”

David Bosley and Master’s Ranch therapists explained that the team has created a proven and effective approach to healing that includes individual and group counseling, experiential therapy, and more. The young men at the ranch learn the importance of work and the confidence that being an effective, hardworking person can provide.

The mission is to instill confidence and self-esteem in these youths through work in a farm environment. Farm work is characteristically demanding, but it leads to countless successes and feelings of accomplishment. These kids learn that their hard work and care affect the lives of the cattle, pigs, dogs, and other animals on the farm. David Bosley and Master’s Ranch experts added that working with animals also has its own proven-effective therapeutic elements, especially in the areas of emotional healing and anger management.

“Working with animals helps kids learn to manage their emotions,” David Bosley said. “They also learn that they are needed to provide for these animals. This offers the confidence they need to begin providing for and nourishing themselves.”

Bosley added that working on a farm is all about discipline, responsibility, privilege, and respect for your elders. The Master’s Ranch atmosphere provides all of these elements while still giving boys and young men the opportunities they need to make healthy changes for themselves.

“On top of it all, we’re here to help create responsible men of God,” Bosley concluded. “We rely on military-style discipline and organization, and we’re highly focused on the value of trust. All of these elements come together to heal these kids and help them become the successful men they want to be.”


Dr. Ken Tombley,

Interim  Executive and Managing Director,

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy

287 County Road # 275

Myrtle, MO   65778