Miami, fl October 4th 2021.- Constantino Bonaduce continues the cycle of business meetings in the United States, to extend the scope of operations of the Aerocentro industrial park logistics platform to entrepreneurs linked to electronic commerce, warehousing and cargo.

The businessman brings up the figures presented by SELA that reveal that between 30% and 45% of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Latin America had to close during January and May 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic . Trend that continued in 2021.

The businessman during a meeting with entrepreneurs held in the city of Miami, stressed that however, in this scenario, new opportunities also arise for companies that aim towards the transformation of their production, storage and distribution processes, and manage to redefine their objectives. to overcome the crisis. This is precisely where an Industrial Park like Aerocentro could play a stellar role in commercial recovery. Both for its modern infrastructure and its privileged location.


Constantino Bonaduce considers that these are key aspects for organizational resilience, a concept that in his opinion refers to the ability to manage and overcome adverse and unfavorable scenarios that, such as the pandemic, have hurt the development of business activities in general, and adds that thanks to certain processes and technical tools they allow companies to maintain their operations to meet their objectives. He excelled.

All this current experience that companies around the world are going through forces us entrepreneurs to manage change and evaluate risks to an extreme, but Constantino Bonaduce highlights the need to develop above all the ability to adapt to this new reality. Well, the pandemic took people and companies out of their comfort zones, and this situation forces us to explore other markets that allows us to take advantage of the situation to improve certain processes, for that reason he insists on highlighting the advantages of establishing production and storage operations and logistics in facilities such as the Aerocentro industrial park, located in Venezuela to help to recover this important market that is currently underestimated, he said.

The pandemic changed everything and nothing will be the same, for this reason Constantino Bonaduce believes in the need for adaptation and anticipation, which will allow us to be better prepared to increase work capacity and the effectiveness of processes. Therefore, the importance of anticipating, adapting and preparing ourselves to increase work capacity.

With the arrival of the pandemic, there also came a boom in digital commerce, which percent was already on the rise, it has been a historic leap and Constantino Bonaduce is one of those who thinks it is a trend that will hardly go back to the levels before the pandemic Precisely for this reason it is necessary to strengthen the presence and expand the activities of logistics platforms, such as those that are present in the Aerocentro Industrial Park of which it is its president. Since in addition to the strategic location, it also offers exceptional advantages in terms of installation and maintenance costs of activities. We are on the eve of a new world of business opportunities, especially for e-commerce businesses and other digital businesses, he pointed out.


Bonaduce says the pandemic has challenged transportation professionals, forcing them to quickly adapt to a drastically altered logistics landscape. The consequences of this have disrupted supply chains, upset executive priorities.

Only companies that have transformed are weathering the storm. And Constantino Bonaduce believes that while some changes are temporary, many are here to stay. The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated e-commerce and many consumers will not change their habits after the pandemic. That is creating new pressures, particularly for last-mile delivery.

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