DelveInsight’s Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Market Insights Report offers a detailed analysis of disease, its causes, symptoms, diagnostics modalities, and treatment options. 

For the study period 2017-2030 in 7MM (the United States, EU5 and Japan), the report covers epidemiology, pipeline therapies, market dynamics, market drivers and barriers, ongoing clinical trials, significant collaborations in the area, and leading pharmaceutical companies actively pushing market growth forward.



Some of the key highlights from the Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Market Report: 

  • As per DelveInsight’s estimates, the CRBSI incident population in the 7MM was found to be 674,347, in 2020.
  • The diagnosed incident cases of CRBSI, in 2020, were found to be 648,351 in the 7MM.
  • In 2020, the diagnosed incident population of CRBSI in the US was found to be 317,938, out of which 238,573 cases were found to be in non-ICU settings and 79,366 cases observed in ICU settings.
  • Citius Pharmaceuticals and a number of other companies are involved in the development of novel drugs for Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI).
  • In the future years, emerging therapies like Mino-Lok and others are projected to have a big impact on the Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) market.


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Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Overview

Catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI) is defined as the presence of bacteremia originating from intravascular catheters.

CRBSI refers to bloodstream infection attributed to an intravascular catheter by quantitative culture of the catheter tip or by differences in growth between catheter and peripheral venipuncture blood culture specimens. Also known as catheter-related sepsis, it is the most common cause of nosocomial bacteremia. 

Coagulase-negative staphylococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, enteric gram-negative bacilli, enterococci and streptococci, pseudomonas, and other species cause CRBSI.

CRBSI arises from bacterial seeding from biofilms that form on either the inside or outside of indwelling catheters. Biofilms allow the sessile bacteria to survive in a hostile environment and grow languidly. The susceptibility of bacteria in a biofilm to antimicrobial agents is dramatically decreased, by at least 10–100-fold. Adherence of contaminating bacteria to the CVC is a prerequisite for biofilm formation to take place. In the first 2 weeks after catheter placement, the formation of a biofilm on the outside of the CVC and subsequent surface migration of bacteria into the bloodstream is vital for CRBSI to occur.

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Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Epidemiology Segmentation 

The Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Market report proffers epidemiological analysis for the study period 2017-30 in the 7MM segmented into:

  • Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Prevalence 
  • Age-Specific Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) prevalence 
  • Gender-Specific Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Prevalence 
  • Diagnosed and Treatable Cases of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI)


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Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Market 

The introduction of multiple innovative medicines, major enterprises operating in the area, expanding prevalence, higher R&D in the region, and medical advances occurring in the Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) market domain are all projected to contribute to market expansion.

Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Pipeline Therapies and Key Companies 

  • Mino-Lok: Citius Pharmaceuticals
  • And Others


For more information, visit Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Market Analysis, Patient Pool and Emerging Therapies 

Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Market Drivers 

  • Increasing Research & Development Activities
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Cost-effectiveness of Emerging Therapies


Scope of the Report

  • 11 Years Forecast
  • 7MM Coverage 
  • Descriptive overview of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection, covering causes, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, diagnosis and currently available therapies
  • Comprehensive insight into Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection epidemiology and treatment in the 7MM
  • Current and emerging therapies for Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection
  • Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection market drivers and barriers 


Key Questions Answered in the Report

  • What was the Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection market share (percentage) distribution like in 2017 and what will it be like in 2030?
  • During the forecast period (2017-2030), what will be the entire market size for Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection, as well as the market size by therapy?
  • What are the most important results from the 7MM market, and which nation will have the largest Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection market size throughout the projected period (2017-2030)?
  • During the projection period (2017-2030), at what CAGR is the Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection market anticipated to expand at 7MM?

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Table of Contents 


1. Key Insights
2. Report Introduction
3. Competitive Intelligence Analysis for Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI)
4. Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Market Overview at a Glance
5. Executive Summary of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI)
6. Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Epidemiology and Market Methodology
7. Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Epidemiology and Patient Population
8. Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Patient Journey
9. Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices
10. Key Endpoints in Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Clinical Trials
11. Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Marketed Therapies
12. Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Emerging Therapies
13. Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI): 7 Major Market Analysis
14. Attribute analysis
15. Access and Reimbursement Overview of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI)
16. KOL Reviews
17. Case Reports
18. Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Market Drivers
19. Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection (CRBSI) Market Barriers
20. SWOT Analysis
21. Disclaimer
22. DelveInsight Capabilities
23. About DelveInsight


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