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Movies Like National Treasure | 15 Best Similar Movies

Jokes and memes aside, Nicholas Cage is a really good actor, and while his choice of movies leaves many people scratching their heads, you have to admit, his acting really makes some movies enjoyable and worthwhile. One of such movies.

The Best Thriller Movies on Hulu: OUR TOP PICKS

The thriller genre of movies is filled to the brim with A-grade movies, movies that are hard to walk out of midway, but even then, there are some that rise from the rest of them to truly become the darlings.

25+ Best Movies To Watch While Tripping

Many people like to watch some movies while they’re tripping, whether it's acid or mushrooms. Whatever the means, the path most of the people take is usually putting on some really groovy music, or to further fuel the creative fire.

6 Best Animated Comic Book Movies of All Time

You can never seem to run out of comic book movies. Between DC and Marvel, there are hundreds of heroes who’ve had at least one movie adaptation, and who knows how many are still in development hell or haven’t been.