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10 Best Movies Like The Wild Child You Can’t-Miss

Widely referred to as the chick flick, this genre of movies like Wild Child involves several themes like coming-of-age, comedy, and are also categorized as rom-coms, with an emphasis on the romantic aspect of the story, and Wild Child is.

Is Southpaw Based on a True Story? Here is the Answer.

Southpaw is more commonly associated with boxers and with the 2015 movie. Although the popular definition of southpaw traces its usage back to boxing traditions, a more linguistic definition of southpaw would refer to a person being left-handed. That being.

19 Best Movies to Watch On Your Birthday : The Ultimate List

Birthdays can go either way; you can sit there and feel like royalty, or sit in a darkened room and contemplate your own life, death and the fact that time passes like a whirlwind and you have less to show.

Best Movies like Bloodsport to Watch For Martial Arts Fans

Bloodsport, a 1988 kickboxing movie starring Jean Claude Van-Damme, is arguably responsible for the sudden surge in people registering for such training programmes in dojos and clubs across the country. The movie itself was reminiscent of many of the Rocky.

5 Best Movies like Roadhouse (1989)

The 1989 action thriller movie Roadhouse is among many pieces of entertainment that have come to define the 80’s as a decade, full of mullets, neon and wedge-shaped muscle cars. Roadhouse is particularly unique due to its casting choices, the.

Top 5 Awesome Movies like Maximum Overdrive to Watch

Straight from the King of Horror Stephen King himself, Maximum Overdrive is one of the writer’s first and only attempts at directing movies. And while the story seems the trademark King material, the movie itself fell short of expectations, and.

Top Movies Like Good Will Hunting | 6 Similar Movies

Chances are, if you’ve seen Good Will Hunting, you liked it enough to merit a sniffing around for movies like that. The movie stars Matt Damon, Robin Williams and Ben Affleck, so there’s absolutely no shortage of good acting performance..

Top 6 Awesome Movies Like Beyond the Black Rainbow

Beyond the Black Rainbow is a sci-fi, mystery horror that delves deeper into the new-age psychological phenomena of transcendence, use of psychedelic drugs and whatnot. Add in the cinematography thrown in by director Panos Cosmatos, and you’ve got a pretty.

Best Movies like Ex Machina | 9 Similar Movies to Ex Machina

If you like the sci-fi genre and really get a kick out of watching movies where AI overruns humanity and a Terminator steps on a human skull, crushing it between its metal toes, well, we’d tell you to get some.

When to Watch Naruto Movies : The Chronological Order

With 11 movies and an entirely new story arc under its belt, it's no wonder that Naruto is one of the biggest anime franchises to come out of Japan. Constantly ranked among the likes of Dragon Ball and One Piece,.