It’s not always easy to go about it alone. The agency has showed its concern towards dangerous peddling of incorrect information and is here to help sellers better establish their businesses and expand their online reach.

Dallas, United States, July 03, 2022 – Celebrated Amazon Market specialist and Founder of the Black Label Advisor, Jon Elder, has made a giant stride using his wealth of experience to help Amazon sellers identify opportunities, create strategies for successfully building their businesses, and educating them on the steps they need to take to see rapid results.

It’s a known fact that most ecommerce sellers coming up with the motivation to start a new business online are often less aware of the mandatory steps required to establish a seller business on Amazon. And with the internet flooded with loads of information, it can be difficult for both new and existing sellers to know what truly works. But now, Jon has put rays of hope on Amazon for FBA sellers.

In his statement, Jon Elder, the CEO, Black Label Advisor explained that “For far too long, there has been a glut of scam artists and dangerous peddling of incorrect information getting sellers in trouble with Amazon.” He continued, “But I’m here to provide an alternative, authentic consulting from real experience.”

Black Label Advisor is known to offer Amazon service solutions that help sellers erect a strong business foundation on Amazon and achieve their goals. With a passion for seeing other brand owners achieve the same success in their ecommerce journey, Jon helps sellers launch new products, build out existing brands, and expand their online reach.

“Amazon is becoming more competitive. I consult Amazon sellers ranging from beginners to 8 figure brands. I have also helped a couple of clients exit for millions of dollars, so I have a proven track record,” Jon adds.

Whether you’ve seen Amazon FBA success stories and want to know how you can embrace this opportunity. Or you have a current storefront in place but struggling to reach sales. Maybe you’ve invested a lot of money into your current Amazon storefront without seeing a lot of success. Or you have trouble learning how to stand out amidst millions of other products. Jon can help you increase sales quickly on Amazon store.

Having personally built 5 brands from scratch, Jon understands how Amazon works and what it takes to get to 7+ figures a year and beyond. His wealth of experience covers Amazon Optimization and Products Ranking, SEO Consulting & Amazon Consulting Services to mention a few.

Jon recently launched his exclusive email newsletter “Amazon Insiders,” where he shares all his secret Amazon knowledge and keeps VIP subscribers up to date.

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Jon Elder is the Founder of Black Label Advisor, an exclusive consulting firm that works with entrepreneurs and brands to run private labels on Amazon. Jon provides up-to-date customized strategies for clients, and a wide range of guidance to help businesses in all industries find their niche on Amazon. To learn more about Black Label Advisor, or Jon Elder, Visit


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