Many people like to watch some movies while they’re tripping, whether it’s acid or mushrooms. Whatever the means, the path most of the people take is usually putting on some really groovy music, or to further fuel the creative fire during the trip, watch a movie with vivid colors and visuals that can help stoke that fire. So, we thought about that; a lot of time is wasted on selecting the movie that gives you the best trip, why not have a list that’s available readily so that the trip isn’t wasted, and you get the best out of that experience? So, sit back, relax, order a pizza or some Chinese takeout and watch these movies; a compilation of 25 of the best movies to watch while tripping.

Finding good movies to watch while tripping can be quite a task, considering you need to focus at a single point once you’re on that horizon. Many people prefer really deep psychological and philosophical movies, so that they can wonder about it during their trip and maybe get some answers while they’re at it. Others like the colorful palette that animated movies have to offer, especially considering that the former genre prefers blacks, greys, whites and beiges, and for many, color helps them maintain and further enhance their trip.

But to each their own, and whether you belong to the first group or the second group, we’ve got recommendations for all; best movies to watch while tripping on acid. And here are the names on the list.

Best Movies To Watch While Tripping

Many people don’t take this activity too kindly, and we for one would like to point at the downsides of this episode rather than the upside. But since this is just a blog and we’re not cops, you’re very well free to do whatever you want, and the least we can do is give you some value entertainment while you’re at it. So, without any further ado, here are the best movies to watch while tripping.

1) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

good movies to watch while tripping

The first on our list of best movies to watch while tripping is a movie where psychedelics play a big role themselves. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas follows a journalist and a lawyer who go to Las Vegas for a psychedelic trip of their lives. Best movie to watch while tripping.

2) Enter the Void

movies to watch tripping

Sort of an indie classic, Enter the Void follows an American drug dealer, who, after getting betrayed by his friend, gets killed and seeks resurrection after seeing the aftermath of his passing. While it is a bit long, the colors and the story will certainly be a unique experience during the trip.

3) Alice in Wonderland (live action, animated)

best movies to watch while tripping on acid

The Alice in Wonderland series is considered a mainstay of movie to watch while tripping, considering that the visuals, narratives and the story contribute to a pretty trippy experience all by itself. We’d recommend first watching the 1951 animated version, because of its colors and their faithfulness to the original script. Then, you can go on to the brilliance put forth by Johnny Depp.

4) 2001: A Space Odyssey

movies to watch while tripping on acid

Movies with a Cyberpunk-esque look and feel are some of the best movies to watch while tripping. Because while the message has been disseminated quite a few times now, it’s the visuals and the concepts that can make this experience worthwhile. For this, we suggest Kubrick’s classic 2001: A Space Odyssey.

5) Blade Runner 2049

movies to watch when tripping

Continuing the Cyberpunk theme, we have Blade Runner 2049 on the list, which is a sequel to 1982’s Blade Runner. Featuring visuals and concepts pulled straight from a dystopian novel depicting 2050, with vivid colours, trippy visuals and downright insane concepts, it is a must-watch movie while tripping.

6) Drive

best movies to watch while tripping

Another Gosling flick, Drive is another movie that goes hand in hand with psychedelics and mushrooms. While the premise of the movie and the visuals are somewhat banal and reminiscent of every romantic movie ever, it’s the direction and the soundtrack of the movie that sets it apart, and gives it a spot at our list for best movies to watch while tripping. 

7) The Matrix

best movies to watch while tripping

This time around its Keanu, and we have one of the most critically acclaimed movies of his: The Matrix. Already a cult-classic, it is also one of the best movies to watch while tripping because of its mind-blowing VFX which still hold up very well for today, which can be a hoot when you’re already tripping and see Reeves dodge a bunch of bullets by leaning backwards like some hyper-flexible Bruce Lee. This movie is a treat for trips.

8) Pan’s Labyrinth

good movies to watch while tripping

Starting off with some horror movies, which are always the best movies to watch when tripping, we have the first entry on the list: Pan’s Labyrinth, which follows an imaginary world that is concocted by a bookworm girl. The world is scary and kind of eerie, but nonetheless draws her into it, and the same effect is achieved by people tripping while watching it, as they feel themselves inside the movie.

9) Coraline

movies to watch tripping

Continuing with the theme of imaginary worlds, we have Coraline, which has a similar plot and premise as Pan’s Labyrinth, but is much more disturbing, and many people like to watch it while tripping because of the storyline and the visuals the movie has. While they’re not exactly colorful, the hues of yellow and the pitch black really helps the tripping experience.

10) Sunshine

best movies to watch while tripping on acid

Starting with some space thrillers, which seem to occupy a big part of movies to watch while tripping, we start off with one of the fan favorites, which is Sunshine. Featuring an ensemble cast of the likes of Cillian Murphy and Rose Byrne, Sunshine follows a team of astronauts as they are sent to dispatch a bomb to the sun in order to keep it from dying. It has incredibly favorable reviews on websites and rating sites alike.

11) Pandorum

movies to watch while tripping on acid

Another space thriller, but this time with a horror element tacked on to it, we have Pandorum; a movie which hints at the existence of extra-terrestrial beings, who aren’t friendly enough. Anyways, when two space crew members wake up from hyperloop, they find their colleagues missing and something else that is with them in the vessel. Good movie for a really trippy experience.

12) Event Horizon

movies to watch when tripping

Following the same premise as the former, we have Event Horizon, which is described as ‘the scariest movie to watch while tripping’ and no, its not just a horror movie, it’s an amalgam of space thriller and horror. It has a similar storyline as Pandorum, but features much more scarier and visually edgier scenes and screenplay, a definite treat for the people looking for a proper scare while tripping.

13) Prometheus

Prometheus best movies to watch while tripping

One of the more recent movies on this list, Prometheus once again takes up the question: Do aliens exist and turns it into a movie worth watching, especially when you’re tripping. The movie follows a team of astronauts who locate a structure on a distant moon and when they go there to inspect it, are met with the unwelcoming prospect of meeting someone from the E.T catalogue.

14) Aliens

Aliens good movies to watch while tripping

Continuing with the theme, we have Aliens next, and considering that many people like to watch space mysteries while tripping, Aliens follows a different route than the rest. It follows a landing party which tries to warn the people about space predators that are going to take over the world. A good combination of horror, space and science-fiction. An absolute yes for this.

15) Interstellar

Interstellar movies to watch tripping

The phenomenal movie from the critically acclaimed Christopher Nolan, and starring Matthew McConaughey, Interstellar is more concerned with sci-fi than horror, and gets people already tripping thinking whether Elon Musk is really colonizing Mars, and if he does so, would we meet Martians or become Martians. You know, the kind of things people on acid think about.

16) Europa Report

Europa Report best movies to watch while tripping on acid

If you know anything about our solar system, you’ll know that there are planets far bigger than ours, and with more moons. With that being said, it has been hypothesized, based on atmospherically-sourced data, that Jupiter’s moon Europa might be able to sustain life, which as the name suggests, is the movie’s central premise. Great movie to watch when tripping.

17) Apollo 18

Apollo 18 movies to watch while tripping on acid

One of the not-so-good space movies, Apollo 18 really shines through when you’re tripping on acid or shrooms, and while many of the patriotic among us would like to bash on this movie, a closer look at the movie and the story while under the influence of shrooms can really bring out the fun parts of the movie. While not exactly Interstellar, it is still pretty cool for when you’re tripping.

18) Constantine (2005)

Constantine movies to watch when tripping

Starting with some occult horror, full of demons, Lucifer Morningstar and Keanu, we have Constantine, which is an absolute hoot to watch in itself, and is absolutely crazy when you watch it while tripping. You’ve got demons, that look crazy real when you’re tripping, then you’ve got the ambience and the soundtrack, which makes it even more of a treat to watch. And lastly is Reeves himself, who knocks it out of the ballpark with his acting and delivery. 10/10 would recommend watching this movie while tripping.

19) Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder best movies to watch while tripping

Equal parts horror, mystery and tripping balls bonanza, next on the list we have Jacob’s Ladder, which while initially sad, really gets a person mental after watching the efforts of a man to come to terms with his dead child. Be warned: watching this movie while tripping may cause you to dissociate yourself and wonder about life, and we don’t necessarily suggest you do that.

20) Banshee Chapter

Banshee Chapter

Banshee Chapter is a movie that has a sort of an antigovernmental message, so, while this movie is pretty good while tripping, it has caused some people to go absolutely paranoid. If you are the kind of person to not worry about the ‘guhment maane’, watching this movie while tripping can cause you to think some pretty interesting thoughts, and think about DMT and how it affects and causes you to travel interdimensional. 

21) 1408

1408 good movies to watch while tripping

1408 is a proper horror movie, and one that will really give you a good scare, especially if you’re watching it while tripping. It follows a mystery-horror timeline, and one where paranormal occurrences are pretty common. So, if you live alone, are tripping balls and watch this movie, we won’t blame you if you start thinking you’re living in the house with some unwelcome guests that can throw around tables and chairs, slam doors and yet pass through walls. Weird, isn’t it?

22) Mr Jones

Mr Jones movies to watch tripping

Another really creepy movie on the list, in Mr Jones, we see a young couple who move out to the woods, and start seeing things they experienced in their nightmares. While all horror movies follow a kind of symmetry, we especially like it as the premise is somewhat different, and the ambience makes it even better.

23) The Babadook

The Babadook best movies to watch while tripping on acid

The Babadook is another one of those really unique horror movies that are an absolute blast to watch while tripping. Mr Babadook is a villain in a really creepy children’s book, and he starts to manifest himself in the house where the book is present. The concept is really scary, and it is sure to blow your mind if you watch it while tripping.

24) Insidious 

Insidious movies to watch while tripping on acid

One of the movies to have genuinely scared some hard shroomers. While the premise in itself isn’t all that scary, it’s the execution and the ambience that makes this movie so damn scary. You’ve got a comatose kid that is going to get possessed by a scary demon, which visits the house, and the psychic lady isn’t all that help either in calming your nerves. Pretty scary, and something that will have you feeling paranoid the next few days.

25) Sinister

Sinister movies to watch when tripping

The final movie on this list, Sinister is really aptly named, as it follows a true-crime writer who finds that the murder he is writing about currently was the work of a serial killer back in the ‘60s, which makes for a really great horror movie, and an equally good movie to watch while tripping.