Sometimes you just can’t seem to fall asleep. No matter what you do; count sheep, count how many hours you’ve wasted trying to sleep or get really into any other activity to help you conk out, things just don’t seem to work out quite as better as you’d hoped. Then after tossing and turning around for what seems like quite some time, you check the clock and boom: its 3 am in the morning and you need to get up at 6 for that big meeting. With only three hours left to sleep, you know the next day is going to be a tough one. So, why not take a leaf from our book and learn about the best films to fall asleep; movies to fall asleep to that are either boring or relaxing enough to help you fall asleep.

Watching movies to sleep might seem a bit oxymoronic, but really, with the inclusion of Night Light features in all devices (that reduce blue and induce a brownish glare on the screen), watching something till you fall asleep is not just another anagram for you being lazy and unemployed anymore. It could also mean that as a good way to fall asleep, you put on some relaxing music, or a relaxing, feel-good movie that calmed you down and you fell asleep only to discover now your phone’s out of juice. So now, instead of watching the minutes tick by as you try to fall asleep, try getting on your laptop or phone and look up some of the best films to fall asleep to. 

Not all of these movies on this list involve Jason Statham or Anne Hathaway; whose acting either makes you fall asleep in a minute or you find them appalling as a human being so you just turn off the laptop and the brain decides to shut itself down. Some of these movies are genuinely good, relaxing or belong in the feel-good category, allowing a huge serotonin release to knock you out in a matter of minutes. So, here are some movies to fall asleep to.

What Can I Watch To Help Me Fall Asleep?

As logic would demand, anything other than the movie that gets your mind all riled up to get up in the dead of the night and start cleaning your room. No The Karate Kid or inspirational movies for the night. Rather, you can watch relaxing movies, short movies or boring movies that will make you want to fall asleep. And we’ve got just the list for that.

Best Films To Fall Asleep To: A List

Following is the list of the best films to fall asleep to, a list of movies to fall asleep to that belong to the genre feel-good, relaxing and/ or are just plain boring, the last of which will actually encourage your brain to shut itself down to find something more engaging to be in. so, without any further ado, here is a list of the best films to fall asleep to.

A Christmas Prince (Released in 2017)

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Anything with the word ‘prince’ or ‘princess’ in the title should knock anyone out cold in a matter of minutes, because nobody has time for all that archaic nonsense anymore. Despite The Christmas Prince trying to liven things up a little by introducing a hint of the 21st century,

it still fails to stand out as a movie, which is why we think it’s a perfect film to fall asleep to. The dreary tones, the run-of-the-mill story and the unimaginative 21st century inclusion will induce a few yawns before you’ll be out cold in no time.


The Princess Switch (Released in 2018)

Ah yes, another princess story for you to get bored out of your mind while watching, and then fall asleep because you can’t deal with the boredom. Although many might say that The Princess Switch is better than your average prince-princess story, we beg to differ. It is better,

its just that this genre or sub-genre is fast becoming tiresome due to its overuse of particular tropes and whatnot, whose brunt falls on The Princess Switch. As the name suggests, the main premise of the movie is that two lookalikes switch their lives for two days, with both of them settling in their lives.

Love Actually (Released in 2003)

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If rom-coms and simple romantic movies make you fall asleep, there is no better movie than Love Actually, because it is like the grandaddy of all romantic movies. Made in the similar vein of some of Tarantino’s flicks including his trademark non-linear storyline narration method,

this movie involves so many stories that you’ll lose track, lose focus and then eventually be washed over by the narrator’s voice to sleep away blissfully as you miss the part with Liam Neeson in the movie.

A Bad Mom’s Christmas (Released in 2017)

Despite featuring an ensemble cast of Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, A Bad Mom’s Christmas still features as the go-to sleep movie for many because family troubles are something that many of us sleep on now.

The movie is good for a weekend watch; the storyline is good and the acting performances are all good. Because the movie centres on family issues and fairly trivial issues that stem from something else entirely, there is a good chance that a person who lives alone with parents in another city or state will just say ‘Meh’ and roll over to go to sleep.

The Holiday (Released in 2006)

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Released in 2006, The Holiday received positive reviews and did well on the box office, and is a solid story. It is on our list of best movies to fall asleep to because of its contents; more and more people find it easier to fall asleep to movies with romantic undertones owing to its slow story progression

and ‘charted’ storylines and character progressions; the basic premise being that since everybody who watches the movie knows who will end up with whom, taking the mystery element out an making it a ‘routine affair’. This banality can help you fall asleep, so do try it with this one.

Elf (Released in 2003)

Not just boring and tacky movies; like a warm glass of milk right before bed, a feel-good movie before bed will convince your brain to release that damn melatonin before the clock hits 12. Starring Will Ferrell, Elf is a feel-good movie that you can sleep after you’ve watched, because it is pretty funny and will keep you up. Ferrell is a human, raised by elves, and in a bid to save Christmas for his long-lost father, tries to go to New York to reconnect with him. What follows is a hilarious movie that sees Ferrell’s character Buddy struggle with the humanly ways, of business and Christmas tradition in the Big Apple. A comedy classic, also a movie that can help you fall asleep.

Let It Snow (Released in 2019)

More romantic-comedies for you to fall asleep to because of bland storylines and played out scenarios. Crapping on romantic movies because they bore you to sleep seems pretty fun now.

Let It Snow follows a series of people as they pursue different kinds of relationships with different people;

with the story eventually making a full circle and connecting all these people to each other. The romantic portion far dominates the comedy portion, and the frankly bland acting from the cast can allow you to go to sleep after two acts, tops. 

Clueless (Released in 1995)


After a certain age, teen comedies and teen rom-coms start making less sense and start to make you wonder if teens are headed in the right direction, right before you start cringing on your own past. Clueless is just one of those movies you liked in your teens or childhood

, but now look through the film to see the type of semi-incestuous relationship the movie was trying to peddle off. And with that thought, you turn off your laptop and force your brain to go to sleep or else you’ll start recounting all the bad memories from the past. So, PSA: watch Clueless to succeed in forcing yourself to sleep.

Before Sunrise (Released in 1995)

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Before Sunrise is yet another romantic movie that has been critically acclaimed, but serves as a movie to fall asleep to for many. That is not because it is boring, slow-paced and repetitive (but it is), rather the fact that it is soothing, calming and the screenplay is smooth and does not feature any loud sounds or whatnot;

contributing to an experience that can help you sleep better since you didn’t hear any screaming or loud sounds, and neither did you watch anything blow up, somebody get killed or anything else. So, Before Sunrise is an unconventional movie in the sense that its calm and collected setting can help you fall asleep in no time.

Finding Dory (Released in 2016)


The sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Finding Nemo’, the story for this one is pretty much the same except for the fact that now the hunting party is Dory, the amnesiac blue fish from Finding Nemo, and the ones she is looking for are her long-lost parents. The movie is heartfelt, funny and ends on a beautiful tone,

when Dory is finally reunited with her parents. The movie further builds on the original story with Nemo, and in the end, we get a hilarious little easter egg. The movie will help you fall asleep in a minute because of its undertones, which are soothing, calming, and most of all relaxing. 

Antz (Released in 1998)

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Antz (actually spelled like this in the movie) is a movie that was initially panned for being too similar to A Bugs Life, but it is still a movie with its own artistic merits, including the voice cast and the story, which is typical of a romantic story, only that its been given a cartoon makeover.

The story and the soft animation of the various sequences will actually help you sleep as you go through the soft colour palette and the overall relaxed ambience of the movie, except for the war sequence, which is the film’s equivalent of the Union and Confederate forces clashing.

Last Holiday (Released in 2006)

Another feel-good movie, this time LL Cool J in it, so you know its going to be a good flick. However, we’re not here for good flicks, we’re here for flicks that’ll make you go goodnight in a minute, so we have Last Holiday the feel-good movie that’ll wash you over with the realization that life will turn out okay,

and that obsessing over it unnecessarily while trying to sleep is not get that year wasted due to the pandemic back. So, with that message in mind, load up Last Holiday and start watching it, and we can say with some level of surety that you will come out of the other end of the movie a sleepy person; because this movie teaches you to relax and go with the flow. 

Annie (Released in 1982)


Come to think of it, a newer adaptation of this one was released somewhere back in 2014, but 1982 one still retains its classic charm and still remains one of the best feel-good movies of all times, a movie that will wash you over with its message of good for the children; be they orphans, be they poor or destitute, but a message for the children nonetheless:

things will eventually get better, and that patience and honesty is a virtue that will allow you to go far. Watching Annie to sleep is not a ridicule of its acting or premise, it’s a testament that a feel-good story and movie such as itself is a good movie for feeling relaxed and drifting off to sleep in the same state. And nobody does it better than Annie.

The Intern (Released in 2015)

Starring Robert De Niro (in a non-gangster role, what a change) and Anne Hathaway, The Intern is a good movie that will make you sleep, and that too for two reasons. One: it has Anne Hathaway in it, and so many people prefer doing anything other than watching one of her movies that if you are one of those people, you’ll go to sleep just because. Secondly,

it is a genuinely good story, and De Niro really acts like a father/ grandfather figure in this movie, and the switch from gangster to grandfather is something that was explored in dirty Grandpa, but as the name suggests, it isn’t a movie to fall asleep to. But The Intern is, and we suggest you go ahead with it. 

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Released in 1982)

Directed by Steven Spielberg and focussing more on story and the CGI they could muster back in the ‘80s, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a movie that many were initially skeptic about, but after it made a whopping $792 million on the box office on a budget of $10 million, it not only cemented Spielberg’s legacy as a master storyteller and director, but also made E.T.

one of the most recognisable character in the Hollysphere. One of the best movies of our childhood, E.T. is still a movie that you can fall asleep to; its soothing tones, vivid and relaxing imagery and story help you fall asleep faster than you can say E.T. The alien, although a bit scary for many at first, still remains one of the most iconic and beloved characters of all time.

Twilight (Released in 2008)

Twilight 2008 In Hindi2

Subject to the most ridicule you can find on the internet, Twilight starred a relatively unknown cast, and despite the fact that the movie would jumpstart many of the actors’ career later on, there is a reason as to why the movie is on our list of best films to fall asleep to.

Its initial popularity now almost completely gone; Twilight now serves as the movie fix for people just now coming to read Stephanie Meyer’s novel; much like what is done with the Harry Potter series. It is a movie to fall asleep to because it is a movie that is boring and slow-paced after you get over its initial dazzle and whatnot. Twilight is a movie that has zero re-watchability, which makes it a lister on our ‘best films to fall asleep to’ countdown.

Pride and Prejudice (Released in 2005)

Based on a novel of the same name written by Jane Austen, one can see almost immediately why Pride and Prejudice is on our list; based on a novel that preaches some pretty darn old ideologies and whatnot, Pride and Prejudice is good for a directorial debut in the early 2000’s;

not good for a world that is as politically charged as today’s, which is not a good thing, if you catch our drift. But this is what it is: a movie to sleep to, and despite Keira Knightley’s acting, you can’t help but fall asleep once you get in that drab storyline and that 19th century crap about marriage and whatnot. Instant sleeping movie.