Gentle, graceful, and elegant, even the most agnostic amongst us can easily fall in love with a herd of deer upon sight. But sometimes, that love comes at a price – at times, a huge cost!  Supporting voracious appetites, within a short time, a herd of deer can strip fields and vegetable patches, and trample flowerbeds to oblivion. While there are “harsher” ways to deal with your love for deer, a polypropylene deer fence is the more humane and gentle way to deal with the problem.


Grappling With the Challenge

Deer cause significant damage to life and property on our roads. However, our highways aren’t the places where these gentle creatures wreak havoc. Each year, deer are responsible for millions of dollars of damages to crops, trees, bushes, tree nurseries, community gardens, bee farms, and flower beds. One state, New Jersey, loses an estimated 10% ($101 million) of its annual $1.1 billion commodity produce to deer and wild animals.

While shotguns and traps may be the impulsive solution, most states outlaw that as an option. Barbed wire fences are inhumane too, as are crudely-fashioned electric barriers that maim and injure the animals upon contact. The most humane way to address the situation is to use a poly deer fence.


Live and Let Live

So, what exactly is a deer fence, and why should it be a preferred solution to several others? Philosophically speaking, a “graceful” problem deserves an equally graceful solution – and that’s what the right deer fencing does – it humanely keeps deer (and other animals and rodents) out of any designated enclosed space.




And today’s high-quality plastic deer fence offers a live-and-let live option to your deer problem. Ideal for enclosing areas where a view is important, these fences are great for small farms, community growing projects and commercial and residential properties.

When chosen correctly, the proper polypropylene deer fence:

– Is elegant and graceful

– Enables property owners – like farmers, gardeners, and estate owners – and passers-by, unobstructed view of the farms, flowers, trees, crops, and other beautiful property features

– Polypropylene-based fencing Is quick to set up, and easy to maintain

When starving or calving, deer venture out of forests and reservations, and gravitate to human sources of food. These include farmland and other areas that hardworking individuals and communities have built, grown, or created through months of effort. A simple poly deer fence can protect all that hard work, while keeping deer at bay without harming them.


A Better Alternative

Unlike concrete walls and heavy wooden fences, the elegantly-designed poly fences don’t restrict views from within or outside. However, though they add aesthetic appeal to any property they surround, they’re durable and dependable barriers against intruding deer and other animals. 

And they aren’t a one-size-fits all solution – there’s a choice of options too. Depending on the application you wish to put them to use for, there’s a poly-fence available. And, if you do want a one-window solution, they’re available as complete kits, containing everything you need to keep deer at bay.