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Adwerx enables the fast-growing mortgage lender to automate digital advertising for their producers across their national network

May 5, 2021 – Alterra Home Loans’ mission is to help buyers build wealth through homeownership, specifically focusing on diverse markets & first-time homebuyers. By joining Adwerx’s growing portfolio of mortgage customers, the firm is now well-positioned to reach those borrowers directly with individualized, brand-compliant digital advertising. 

Under the agreement with Adwerx, every loan officer in Alterra Home Loans’ nationwide network will receive personalized advertising campaigns designed to keep their brand top-of-mind with past clients and referral partners and maximize online exposure to potential clients who have visited the loan officers’ web pages. This strategy is designed to ensure that loan officers are continuously in front of the people they’ve identified as important to their business. The direct-to-consumer advertising approach frees the brokerage and loan officers from relying on real estate agents as a source of business while giving loan officers a competitive edge that helps close more business and drive referrals. 

“We understand what a big decision homeownership is, and that finding a skilled and well-equipped loan officer to help you navigate each decision is essential to the process,” says Miguel Narvaez, Chief Revenue Officer at Alterra Home Loans. “Part of what makes our loan officers so capable is that they’re empowered with technology designed to increase their productivity and make them more competitive. The Adwerx Platform automatically creates digital advertising campaigns that place their faces online where potential home buyers will see them, giving our loan officers time to focus on serving our clients.”

A commitment to technological innovation has helped the lender stay competitive in a crowded industry. Traditionally, large-scale digital advertising strategies have been out of reach because of federal regulations that restrict advertising in the housing industry. Part of the value the firm found in Adwerx includes a compliance dashboard where ads are optimized for regulatory compliance, eliminating the risk and time associated with manual approval. 

Since its launch in 2017, the Adwerx Enterprise Platform has seen rapid adoption among the nation’s most innovative brokerages and lenders. To learn more visit enterprise.adwerx.com

About Alterra Home Loans

Home is a place to hang our hat, lay our head, spend time with friends and family, or enjoy on our own. Home is where our personal stories are written and where our memories are made. Home drives our pride, satisfaction, and helps to build and improve communities. It is an investment that enables you to grow long-term wealth and even generational wealth. At Alterra Home Loans, we want you to experience the magic of being a homeowner. Learn more at goalterra.com.

About Adwerx

Used by over 25% of the top brokerage firms and over 15% of the top mortgage originators in the U.S., Adwerx delivers personalized, omnichannel brand marketing and automation at an enterprise scale. Adwerx customers are able to deliver customized ads programmatically across streaming TV, popular websites, Facebook and Instagram, and mobile apps, while driving growth through digital marketing automation that increases brand visibility, boosts productivity by 35 percent, and reduces turnover by 42 percent.

Adwerx works across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Learn more about Brilliantly Simple Digital Advertising at adwerx.com.

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Contact Information:
Kelly Parisi kparisi@adwerx.com (716) 803-2755

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Contact Information:

Kelly Parisi
(716) 803-2755