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Artificial intelligence has made dramatic inroads in recent years, bringing new opportunities to multiple industries. A big example is digital marketing, where AI is now capable of handling around 43% of on-site SEO using advanced automated functions that give the company who developed it an upper hand in their marketplaces.

According to Tyler Horsley of Nuclear Networking, a leading Denver SEO company, AI has become a force multiplier that allows his team to serve clients better than ever and show quicker results.

“Search engine optimization has traditionally required a heavy hands-on approach with an overwhelming amount of manual work,” said Tyler. “These days, we’re able to leverage internally-developed AI-driven software to automate many critical functions, so we can do more in less time and prioritize our human bandwidth for more strategy-intensive activities.”

When most people think about artificial intelligence, they imagine bad sci-fi movies, where robots overthrow humanity. In the real world, AI is just another tool in a digital marketer’s basket — albeit a very powerful tool that can yield eye-opening results.

While it has become a robust force in the world of SEO, AI isn’t really a single strategy, tactic or technology. Instead, it serves as a blanket term that encompasses a diverse array of emerging technologies designed to perform tasks faster and better than humans.

In recent years, nearly half of all organizations have incorporated AI in some fashion to optimize and streamline their business operations. Specific AI technologies that are impacting modern advertising and marketing include everything from machine learning and computer vision to deep learning, natural language processing and more. The general purpose of these exciting technologies is to automate time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks to free up human talent for more important opportunities. In essence, AI makes work easier, faster and more efficient, while eliminating human error, minimizing waste and reducing opportunity cost.

AI-driven strategies and tactics are ideal for enhancing SEO effectiveness and efficiency, and smart, forward-thinking business owners have taken notice.

“At Nuclear Networking, our core digital marketing managers have a wealth of experience and a high level of business acumen,” said Tyler. “But what really sets us apart from the pack is our proprietary AI-driven software. When companies work with us, they gain access to machine learning and AI-tool results that simply aren’t available at other agencies. This has made us very attractive to businesses that want to leverage innovative SEO solutions to leap ahead of competitors that have been slow to recognize the incredible advantages of AI-based technologies.”

In the past decade, AI has become a core component of today’s search engine algorithms, including Google’s famous Rankbrain and BERT. In turn, when they understand AI and how it impacts search engines, search marketers can boost SEO using the same technology.

AI is also an invaluable tool for analyzing actionable data, which is a major part of creating and implementing an effective SEO strategy. From helping to spot engaging, trending topics to uncovering content gaps, many key tasks can be handled faster and more efficiently using AI-driven SEO software.

“SEO and AI are a match made in heaven,” said Tyler Horsley. “With that said, you have to know how to effectively wield this powerful tool to get the most bang for your dollar. Because AI and SEO are both complex disciplines, it takes knowledgeable engineers and marketers to create a cohesive strategy. When used properly, AI can uncover big opportunities that might otherwise go overlooked. It can also minimize waste and optimize efficiencies. At the same time, the technology can be misused in the wrong hands. If they aren’t well-versed in AI, or the platform has a poor UI, SEO firms can waste a lot of time and money chasing false opportunities.”

While it still requires knowledgeable experts at the helm, AI has already become a powerful force in the world of SEO. As more and more companies recognize AI’s many benefits, there will be big advantages for business owners who are quickest to partner with SEO companies who have embraced and mastered the technology to drive better, faster results.

About Nuclear Networking

Founded over a decade ago in the tech-centric community of Denver, Colorado, Nuclear Networking (NuclearNetworking.com) is a cutting-edge enterprise-level SEO agency and performance marketing solutions company. Empowered by innovative technologies and highly-skilled experts, we drive successful forensic-level SEO and performance Google and social ads campaigns for clients across every trade and industry. Additional services include Amazon advertising, high-quality backlink building, clear attribution, and competitor strategy deconstructs.

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