Figuring out how to make a small business work in challenging times might fend of a lot of people who aren’t really sure about their skills or are risk-averse, but for Adrian Zelski it’s familiar territory. Zelski has been work for years in an industry that has seen far more challenges than most, and he’s still making business work well even with the latest challenges of 2020 and new changes for retail sellers.

Influence the Market Early

Adrian Zelski has been a one-man movement in the help industry with his own business, High-Grade Hemp Seed. Securing a position in the fledgling cannabis industry, Adrian Zelski currently handles both developments as well as business operations, functioning every day as a multi-tasking business owner. No surprise, his industry isn’t the easiest to work in, to begin with, being highly regulated at the state level and still questionable and potentially risky at the national level. Nonetheless, Adrian Zelski has continued pushing forward, realizing the hemp and cannabis industry are not going to disappear, and with new state authorizations the field is finally leveling into a viable, profitable business environment.

Provide an Expected Delivery, Win Accounts

Like any other business, quality is oftentimes the differentiator, and High-Grade Hemp Seed is no exception. Their dedication to best-in-class has not been an accident. Adrian Zelski has continuously pushed the boundaries for ways to guarantee compliance with product standards and market levels of performance. High-Grade Hemp Seeds under Adrian Zelski that the ambiguity customers faced in finding properly viable cannabis products were a widespread problem. He aimed to fix with both genetic product design as well as reliable delivery of product standards that customers could count on with every sale. The difference High-Grade Hemp Seeds offered became obvious, and Adrian Zelski’s strategy paid off.

Multiple Service Offerings Versus Just Production

Now Adrian Zelski is looking to broaden his reach outside of just product sales and into business operations consulting. With his venture Pivot Group, Zelski hopes to become a primary resource for cannabis-related businesses needing help with logistics planning, marketing, distribution, and production changes. While the core business of supplying hemp seeds is still Adrian Zelski’s floor business, the diversification makes sense with how fast the cannabis market is growing year after year.

Being born in 1973 at a time when cannabis was being made fun of with oddball movies and Cheech & Chong comedies, Adrian Zelski enjoys a childhood raised on the creative side of life. But once he became connected with the hemp industry, he realized where his promise was, even at that time when the business was far less acceptable than now. Having spent almost 20 years in cannabis-related business and operations, he’s now seeing all the effort come full circle as the hemp market finally matures and gains acceptance. It’s an odd, amazing thing and such a long road from when Adrian Zelski started. But the trip is not over yet.