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There is a group of Telemedicine docs that are about to transform Health Care.

It’s no secret that Telemedicine is here to stay.

With a variety of Health and fitness gadgets flooding the market, these popular changes have ushered in a new era of digitized health data that can now be shared with health care professionals, either via the web or in the Cloud.

Throughout the current Pandemic, it has become even more apparent that a better system of cooperation and collaboration amongst all healthcare specialties is not only needed but long overdue.  Imagine being able to access all your health care needs, and providers, from one single online portal.

We are now seeing a rapid growth of online appointments, video conferencing, and artificial intelligence chat rooms, where patients can input their symptoms through a database, and then receive either a professional response or a referral to another doctor.

Most Telemedicine platforms on the market today are designed to allow Doctors to speak with their patients at home, or wherever they may be.  This personalized medicine allows doctors to decrease the spread of infections in their waiting rooms and provides continuous monitoring of chronic patients too fragile to leave their homes.  This group of Doctors decided that those trends needed something more, a robust way of creating collaboration amongst the myriad of doctors supporting a preliminary diagnosis.

What if there was a platform that created a clinic-type setting where multiple specialties interacted in one place, at one time, to deliver concurrent care to a patient with multiple symptoms?

For example, just think if a patient was on the Portal, who was febrile and diabetic, with comorbidities of hypertension and cardiac compromise, and now has a tooth problem that was the impetus for the Tele-visit.

The Cardiologist, Internist, Endocrinologist, and Dentist can confer on the same platform with that patient and then make the appropriate referral for altered prescriptions, doses or referral to an emergency room.

Then came the birth of the I-View Intraoral Camera!

This device not only takes pictures and videos, with multiple levels of magnification and light source, it also has a dual-screen for comparison, which now makes the Dentist and patient totally interactive.

Through collaboration, it was also noticed that the clarity and scale of the I-View Camera allows

  • The dermatologist to compare lesions in hard-to-see places.
  • The ENT to look in the ear or back of the throat.
  • The Podiatrist to become interactive as well.

Patients can show the lesion in question, without help, without the fear of falling down and give their provider a clear image making diagnosis easier.

Just imagine if you were elderly and immobile.

The I View Camera is the size of an ink pen and is paired with the patient’s smart phone via wifi or Bluetooth.  It’s incredible, but the patient is actually able to see what the camera is pointed at on their phone or tablet, allowing both the Doctor and the patient to interact together in a more supportive measure.

The I View Camera is becoming an invaluable device for sharing diagnostic quality photos with a variety of different health care professionals.

A group of dentists, the developers of the DentRx brand, met with the lead developers of Adroitan Infosystems, and DentRxUSA was born.


 About Adroitan InfoSystems

Manoj Verma, CEO of Adroitan Infosystems, and their lead developers, are poised for rapid growth of their healthcare software company and the expansion into the global market.

Adroitan InfoSystems is headquartered in the United States, in South Jordan, Utah, with a state-of-the-art development center in Noida India. They possess an extensive portfolio of software products such as “e-hospital, e-pharmacy, e-laboratories, e-radiology systems” and their products can be found in over 50 healthcare facilities, in 12 countries, across 4 continents.

When DentRX approached Manoj and the Adroitan team, they began with a discussion one day and had a product demonstration the next.  That’s not a figurative statement, that’s literal.  They worked 24 hours a day creating this project with a 45-man team of developers and engineers working 8-hour shifts. It has been truly amazing!!

DentRX had approached several US-based companies and was told that a project with this depth would take up to a year to complete.

This project took a little more than one month with Manoj and his team creating schedules of development that were all met on time.  The two companies, and their ideas, had synergy not often seen in the industry, and together they created a superior product.

“I remember one evening about 12:30 am I woke up with a pressing idea about the system operation, so I decided to text because of the late hour of the day. As soon as I sent the text I received a phone call to my surprise the second shift team was working on the project and by the morning call at 6 am that idea was tested and implemented. I was walked through the program for approval.” Says Dr.Terry

“To date, I have never seen or experienced anything like it. They built this software product as if they were building it for themselves. From conceptualization to maintenance and support with intellectual property protection and a faster time to the market philosophy. Truly amazing!” says Dr. Scott

A fully integrated EMR telehealth platform that outmatches most, if not all, currently on the market. With a multidiscipline platform of physicians, and now for the first time to include dentists, complete with an interactive wellness tool that allows the patient to share their problems with their caregivers.

All patient information is securely uploaded to a HIPPA compliant environment, with full medical and dental history, x-rays, diagnostic aids sent safely to the physician or dentist of their choice. Within minutes the doctor can safely review the documents and the exam can be initiated.

The portal makes it easy. It automatically checks and verifies patient insurance information, and makes cash, debit or credit card payments all secure, and all protected and completed before seeing the chosen provider. When the appointment is completed, the program easily submits the claim to the insurance carrier, for the doctor, and sends any prescriptions to the pharmacy electronically. It then issues a text follow-up to the patient with a gentle reminder to follow-up with their doctor at a prescribed interval or sets up an appointment with the provider of service.

Seamless, efficient, and quick to the market.

Their dedication and innovation have attracted some of the brightest minds in the industry, who are now beginning to realize that healthcare is changing.

What are you waiting for?

Call DentRX or Adroitan Infosystems today!!!

The companies have developed three APPS for ease of use because they know the field gets a little crowded with many imitations. So they made it easy:

To purchase the I-Vue camera, see live informational surgical videos, or just watch the weekly information sessions, download these two Apps on your phone.
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To log onto the Telehealth portal and set up your office visit download this app or place your phone over the QR Code, it’s that simple.

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Contact Information:

Contact: Christina S., Program Coordinator
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