There are so many progressive platforms and software that can help and revolutionise you’re working. You can be confident that your business grows, and you get a definite edge in your work. But in case you are not making the utmost of advanced digital means and options; you could be lacking behind. Speaking of Walkme, it actually pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to change the user experience in the present day overwhelming digital world. With its enterprise-class guidance, complete engagement, insights and automation platform, employees are a lot more efficient and productive, executives own better visibility into digital usage, and organizations exploit the complete value of their digital assets and positively guide their enterprise via digital transformation.   You can even look out for walkme alternatives if you so desire. Have a look at some alternatives below.

What to know?

The Digital Adoption Platform or DAP is an overlay on top of any sort of enterprise system that makes it a lot more convenient for employees to finish any kind of task and use any system. With in-app proper guidance, involuntary processes and by examining the user’s digital journey, Walkme involves with users at the precise moment of requirement and makes them more effective and productive. Driven by both artificial intelligence and machine learning, organizations are in a spot to have full visibility into digital usage, allowing them to exploit the complete value of their digital assets.

Alternatives You May wish to Explore

Userlane Userlane works really well for both employee and customer onboarding and training. It is a somewhat easier to implement than Walkme or other sorts of options, and you can run it on any type of browser-based application. However, while it possesses virtually the same core features as Walkme, Userlane does not really offer you as many user interfaces (UI) elements. Pendo Pendo provides you with a mix of product analytics, customer feedback, and user onboarding software. With Pendo, you can easily form up product walkthroughs, gather the feedback, and even monitor the behaviours of the users and analytics. In case you are searching out for software that is going to help you to understand your customers better, you should definitely choose Pendo. But in case you want to create good user onboarding and in-app experiences, then maybe Pendo may not be the right and coolest tool for that. Without any sort of doubt, it may aid you with your user onboarding, but the quite restricted capabilities it has make it hard to form up extraordinary amazing experiences. If you want to install Pendo in your system or application, you may require ten to thirty minutes. Firstly, you will need to identify visitors and account metadata, then you should install Pendo, and eventually verify your installation. Whatfix Each of the Walkme alternatives you may discussed may have its own unique advantages. Some, like Userlane, are quite simpler to use but have lesser number of features as a result. Others, such as WalkHub, are fully customisable and very affordable but ask for extensive developer knowledge. Whatfix, though, stands out because of its huge feature options and ease of use. Once you compare Whatfix to Walkme and the other type of Walkme alternatives, you are going to witness that it stands out for different reasons like:

  • Contextualised guidance and proper self-help features mean being a user, you are not overwhelmed by having to search through all of the documentation you have to find the help they need.
  • SCORM compliance permits seamless integration with your LMS so that you can easily convert walk-throughs to communicating courses.
  • No-code creation makes it convenient for your team to form up high-quality training content in the absence of tying up developers and engineers.
  • Built-in analytics enable you to easily track user progress and even that of monitor search queries so you can easily add walk-throughs and self-help materials as the requirement be.


So, since now you know about few alternatives of Walkme, you must not miss out on them. After all, when you explore and compare different options, you make a sensible and the best move for your company. After all, it is time that you make a switch that is apt for your company and is utmost effective. When you have the choice among different platforms, make sure that you do not restrict yourself to anything specific.