A credit card is one of the most useful financial tools that you can use to make a variety of purchases both online and offline. While you have the utmost liberty to swipe, tap, and use the card whenever and wherever you want, it can be helpful to use it smartly. Most credit cards offer rewards, redeemable points, cash back offers, and discounts. By using your credit card strategically, you can benefit from these perks and save or earn money while making purchases.


Ways Credit Cards Can Save You Money

Below are the different ways you can save money while using your credit card:


Most credit cards come with rewards programme that allows you to earn reward points for every eligible domestic or international spend. Some cards even offer reward points for groceries and online shopping too. Once you accrue enough reward points, you can use them to make eligible purchases without spending from your credit limit. However, you may also want to note that reward points typically come with expiry dates.

Cash Back

Some types of credit cards are particularly designed to offer cash back. But you can also get this feature with regular credit cards. When you use your credit card for any retail spending, the cash back feature will return a percentage of the spending back to your account or it will offer you redeemable reward points. Different cards provide different percentages of cash back and reward points for every type of spend, so you may want to check the terms and conditions before applying for one.


Most credit cards establish partnerships with popular restaurants, food delivery platforms, and so on to offer users attractive discounts. So, when you apply for a credit card, you may want to check whether it is offering any discounts on food delivery and dining bills, online shopping bills, utility payments, and so on. This way, you can use your credit card to complete your purchases at a discounted rate.

Travel Miles

Travel credit cards offer miles that you can accrue and redeem for a free hotel stay and a flight ticket, if eligible. You can also sometimes use them to get discounts on car rentals and earn redeemable travel miles. However, you may want to note that some credit cards offer these perks only while you book your tickets through partner websites.

Final Thoughts

Credit cards offer a world of exciting benefits and privileges that you can take advantage of to save money while making different purchases. So, before applying for one, you may want to compare the benefits that come with each, and then make a choice accordingly to get the best deal.

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