A mortgage can help you fulfil your lifelong dream of owning a house. While the desire to fulfil your dream may be strong, the thought of repaying the mortgage amount may seem challenging. One of the reasons is – mortgages are typically large amounts. However, with proper planning, you can tackle such a situation and manage your mortgage conveniently.


Tips to Manage Your Mortgage Better


Budget Planning

Planning your budget is important when it comes to handling finances and ensuring that you do not miss out on your monthly mortgage payments. The non-payment of your Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) may not only lead to penalties but can also impact your credit score. To avoid such circumstances, it is necessary to plan your budget every month and spend accordingly.

Fixed Interest or Variable Interest Rates

Before or while applying for a mortgage, you can check the type of interest that comes with your selected mortgage plan. If it has a variable interest rate, then your EMI amount may change each month depending on the prevailing market conditions. If you feel that your monthly expenses may get disrupted with a different EMI amount each month, then you may want to check out mortgages that have fixed interest rates.

Initiate Auto-Pay

If you already have a long list of bill payments to make each month or if you run on a busy schedule, then there may occur instances when you forget to pay your EMIs on time. To ensure that such avoidable situations do not impact your repayment schedule, you can request your bank or the financial institution to process it with the auto-pay feature. Once implemented, the repayment amount will be automatically debited from your bank account each month on a specified date.

Refinance a Mortgage

You can opt to refinance your mortgage to get a better deal than your existing mortgage plan. When you choose the refinance option, the bank pays off your old mortgage and offers you a new one with new interest rates that are typically lower than your current mortgage interest rates. A low-interest rate can lower your monthly EMIs, and thereby help you repay the mortgage amount conveniently. However, you may need to take early repayment fees that may be charged by the bank into your consideration.

Final Thoughts

You can use the above-mentioned points while building your mortgage management strategy to budget your expenses better. You can also use a mortgage calculator to get an approximate estimate of the EMIs that you may have to pay every month.

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