Be it due to some of the more raunchy scenes, or just because they invoke feelings that you want to experience alone (not that kind of feelings or emotions though), there are some of the best movies to watch alone; films to watch alone that you don’t necessarily want to share with someone else the experience of it changing your thoughts or outlooks on certain things.

So, we have today a list of the best films to watch alone; not necessarily due to the maturity of their content, but due to what they invoke in the person watching it, considering not everybody wants to be seen crying during Mufasa’s death during The Lion King. So with that in mind, here are the best movies to watch alone. The list has been curated with the special care of NOT including any movie with a stronger maturity rating;

meaning that movies with content deemed graphic either way (gore or adulterous) have NOT been included in this list, despite the fact that the logical entries on this list would’ve included such movies. After all, the title explicitly states ‘best movies to watch alone’, and the only kind of movie you’d usually watch alone is of the uhmm… adult persuasion. But here we have a completely clean, devoid of anything perverse list of movies to watch alone, for personal reasons of course. No judging.

So, ranging from movies that will get you all sentimental, and movies that you will want to watch alone because they inspire you to be a better person, and you’re too proud to admit that, here is the list of films to watch alone. Because a little ‘me time’ never hurt anybody, and probably is the only reason why we are all still sane in this fast-paced world. So, here are the best movies to watch alone.  

Best Movies To Watch Alone: The Definitive List

Following is our list of best movies to watch alone; whether they are sentimental, causing you to break down in front of a TV screen for no apparent reason at all, to movies that you want to watch alone just because you want to sing along, or any other thing you wouldn’t be caught doing in public; these are the movies to watch. Now, without any further ado, the list of films to watch alone. 

Grease (Released in 1978)

Grease 1978 movie poster

Grease is a musical, and a musical starring John Travolta, of all actors. It is a good movie, but you might be wondering why it is featured on our list of best movies to watch alone?

Well, for one, this being a musical, people have the weird habit of simultaneously breaking into one of its many catchy songs, which, again, you’re not going to do in front of company or people who usually see you as a reserved person.

So, Grease is one of those musicals that you ought to watch alone if you have a persona that does not fall in line with humming the tunes from a romantic musical, or you’re just a serious person in totality.

Speed (Released in 1994)

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Featuring everybody’s favourite Keanu Reeves in one of his earlier roles, Speed is a movie that has become a staple of Reeves’ filmography, and anybody looking for a reason to like Keanu even more.

But why watch it alone? We don’t know, its just Keanu and Sandra Bullock in a movie together, and we were just told that Speed is a movie that you have to watch alone. No particular reason, aside from ladies who very much like Reeves.

And guys who admire the actor but cant say it out loud or be caught staring at him during the movie, right at his face. So, yeah. Speed is a movie that you better watch alone if you adore Keanu Reeves, not just as an actor, but as a human being.

Armageddon (Released in 1998)

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Many originally preferred Deep Impact to this Bruce Willis flick; and there’s all the reason in the world to see why this was the case. The latter had been directed by Steven Spielberg,

and while it starred an equally impressive cast, the former was simply less scientifically accurate than Deep Impact, which hurt its performance at the box office, but not to the point where it lost a lot of financial ground. Armageddon was still a success, and here’s the reason why it is on or list of best movies to watch alone:

the scientific inaccuracy, some of the downright idiotic dialogue and the overall movie made it so that many people did not want to be seen watching this movie, and that is why you have to watch Armageddon alone. 

Meet Joe Black (Released in 1998)


Now, Meet Joe Black isn’t a horror movie, and neither is it a raunchy and sexually charged movie that would merit it being in the list of movies to watch alone. Neither is it scary (despite starring Death, ironically).

No, it’s the same reason why people basically watch it: romantics looking for something to shed a tear on. And Meet Joe Black is exactly that. A movie that only the most useless romantics watch alone because they have to cry somewhere at this point in the movie; and

whether they know or not, we know that they cry when they watch this movie, which is why they watch it alone. And if you are a person of the same persuasion, you ought to do the same. 

Pleasantville (Released in 1998)

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Pleasantville is unfortunately the kind of movie that we’d ask you to watch alone; at least don’t watch it with your parents or any young children,

because then you’re just going to answer questions throughout the movie. And as the name might suggest, the movie focusses on the uhmm. How to put this delicately? The act of pleasuring oneself, and so, you can almost guarantee yourself that there will be an awkward Q&A session afterwards.

So, take our advice, and watch Pleasantville alone. You’ll be doing yourself a favour by dodging all those awkward questions and see a movie that frankly is beyond us: why and how did it get so popular?

Practical Magic (Released in 1998)


We only include this movie in our list of best movies to watch alone, because it is a movie to watch alone.

It certainly does not have the content virtues of being very family-friendly and there are certainly many scenes that would require an explanation of the ‘birds and bees’. And to avoid having such an awkward chat,

it would be better if you watch Practical Magic alone and preferably with the volume down, so that the old lady that lives next to you does not get any weird ideas, and neither does the couple that lives next to them. Watch Practical Magic alone is what we are saying. 


Miss Congeniality (Released in 2000)


If your guilty pleasure is watching beauty pageants, well, you should have already watched Miss Congeniality. And you should not have to hear about the movie from us, not atleast from a list of movies to watch alone, but here we are anyways.

And we have this movie starring Sandra Bullock in our list of best movies to watch alone, so let us explain why is that the case. Firstly, it is essentially a movie that is about Bullock and beauty pageants, and if you are a guy, well, you better watch it alone and hope no one finds out you watched it. Because of obvious reasons.

Secondly some of the scenes in there (related to the beauty pageant’s process) aren’t exactly very family-friendly, so there’s that. All in all, Miss Congeniality is a movie that you can watch with other people if you’re okay with them making fun of your effeminate choices afterwards.

If not, well you shouldn’t be watching it in the first place, but I am just an article, not a cop. Do as you please.  

Memento (Released in 2000)

memento poster 9515

Memento is a movie that we’ve put in our list for best movies to watch alone because it is a movie that will leave you all sentimental at the end.

The story, equally sad and poignant, will also make you tear up, and if you are the type to keep emotions out of your face when with people, that is definitely a movie you do not want to see with other people or a significant other.

Watch this movie alone, and you will feel your eyes all watery and your throat choking up when you realise you’re holding back tears. So, watch Memento alone unless you want the people around you to know that you’re just a big softy who hides his/ her emotions when around other people. 

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Magnolia (Released in 1999)

film poster magnolia 1999 BNPXRP


Again, we have a rather sentimental movie on the list, one which will turn you into a big cry-baby at the end, during the movie and anywhere the scene commands so.

Despite having a pretty muddy and confusing story and featuring an ensemble cast, each of whom faces their own personal problems, and seeks to solve it. In the meanwhile, you’re sitting there, holding back tears as the actors on the movie start breaking down themselves due to a myriad of problems.

Magnolia is a movie that many people watch alone, and because it is a very emotional movie, many people prefer to a keep a tissue box next to them for obvious reasons. And you should too. 

Zodiac (Released in 2007)

This one is disturbing and just plain old looney, so there’s no guarantee whether you’ll be scarred all the same if you watch it alone or with friends. Based on the infamous and notorious Zodiac Killer of the late ‘60s and ‘70s, the movie delves deeper into the suspicions on Allen, the individual most believe to be the serial killer.

The movie shows some pretty graphic sequences, and the killings aside, the cryptic clues and creep phone calls are enough to rattle anybody, let alone anybody watching it in their darkened living room.

Bonus points for bravery if you live in an area notorious for serial killers. Because Zodiac Killer is a movie that you better watch alone: the disturbing sequences will allow you to finally realise what kind of a world we live in. In the words of Eddie Griffin: ‘Think. It ain’t illegal yet’. 

12 Monkeys (Released in 1995)

Yet another disturbing movie for you to watch alone and contemplate life, humanity and death. The three topics for people to think about with a blank face.

12 Monkeys explores a world with time travel, pandemic-inducing viruses and extinction-level events. When one man is sent back to investigate the release of a virus that killed a good part of humanity,

he will uncover deep secrets, plots and disturbing details about humanity, the wishes of a small group of people to eradicate humanity and whatnot. These disturbing details, coupled with an even weird and downright apocalyptic screenplay makes for an experience that is better watched alone.

Silence (Released in 2016)

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Based on the hostile conditions Christian missionaries had to face in the 1600’s Japan, Silence stars some of the best talent the industry has to offer: Adam Driver, Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield,

and the accuracy with which they portray their characters under duress is just fantastic, not to mention that the movie gets way too much disturbing after you watch it knowing what the movie is all about. Even without that information,

the screenplay is disturbing enough for you to have nightmares about it afterwards. The Christians being tortured, the screams and all that commotion will make for a pretty charged experience, a movie that is to be watched alone for total immersion into the masterful directing of Scorsese.

The Deer Hunter (Released in 1978)

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We are on a disturbing-movie binge, and we have the king of the hill with us in this entry: The Deer Hunter. The Vietnam War is something that still gives many PTSD and they wake up screaming at night, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the maniacal and crazy Vietnam nightmare that is this movie.

Telling the story of three friends who are thrust into the action of the Vietnam War, the three have the most harrowing experience involving maiming, Russian roulette and gambling with their lives on the line. All of this is the final straw for one of the three men;

while the two return to the US only to find they’re now unfit for normal life, the third friend devolves even further into his craziness, and the movie ends on a fitting note for what was Vietnam War in essence: a bungled-up operation that left many permanently scarred. Trust us, this is a movie you’d want to watch alone. 

The Master (Released in 2012)

Boy, we are on a roll with all these war and disturbing movies to watch alone, and hopefully, this will be the last such movie on this list. The Master stars Joaquin Phoenix, and immediately you know the movie will be crazy cranked up several notches.

Telling the story of a WWII veteran who is unfit to reintegrate into normal society, he turns to an organisation called ‘The Cause’, which is the film’s depiction of the scientology movement. What follows is an adventure that tests the veteran, his beliefs and eventually ends up questioning himself over the future course of his life, which he sees as wasted.

The Master expertly visualises the life of a veteran, who has nothing to live for, is destitute but does not care, and is straying away and away from the normal society. 

The Prestige (Released in 2006)

movie review the prestige 2006

Now that we are back to just plain old sad and sentimental, we have The Prestige on the list, which stars Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and Michael Caine, in a story of deception, heartbreak and death.

Both Bale and Jackman star as magicians who try to one-up each other during their acts, and as this rivalry grows, it starts to consume the people around them. Wives, daughters are lost to this rivalry,

which eventually ends up with the revelation that the act was a sham, and that there was no such device that actually allowed for teleportation. And at this bombshell of a disclosure, the movie ends, putting us through two people battling over a false contraption that ends up consuming most of the people. Sad movie to see alone. 

Toy Story 3 (Released in 2010)

Get ready for the feels trip, because Toy Story 3 is just that. Never thought you’d relate to toys so much, and yes,

the movie does play out in a similar vein to a person losing a friend but eventually gaining a new one. The gang of toys is back, and they contemplate losing Andy for a bunch of kids in a day-care centre, encountering the villainous Lotsa Hugs Bear,

who enslaves them and rules the toys of the centre as a despot. The movie the on follows their escape from the day-care, eventually making their way back to Andy’s house, where he happily gives away his toys to his younger sister.